Show us your bike(s) [as in bicycles]

Still don’t understand how a photographer taking my picture on Fengguizui will make any money :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:
Don’t wear any fashionable outfits either.

The photographers on FGZ could be there for multiple reasons, we won’t know until we ask them. However, it’s safe to assume they could be professionals honing their skills for other projects or just there because it’s a hobby.

This guy 微笑客棧, for example is there because he enjoys it and likes taking pictures of people smiling and enjoying their hobbies. I’ve hired him for a very specific shoot for an event and he refused to take any pay. May sound a bit ridiculous, but it’s just that simple.

The photographers that are hired by apparel brands or shops are out there, but tend to not to take pics of anyone that is not out on the ride they are getting paid to document. If they do snap a pic of you and upload it somewhere, good luck finding it :laughing:

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