Show us your bike(s) [as in bicycles]

I’ve just finished rebuilding my old bike and took a couple of photos to show AWOL, so thought I might as well post them here and see if anyone else wants to post pics of theirs. There seem to be a fair few cyclists here and I’m honestly curious to see what you’re riding.

Here it is. It’s an old Orbea mountain bike I bought back in 1996 when I was living just down the road from the Orbea factory in the Basque Country. The thing’s made of Tange chromoloy and has no suspension, so has a totally different feeling from most bikes today. I’ve jumped off some pretty big rocks with this thing and the frame has stayed solid the whole time. In fact the only component ever to fail on this thing was the front shifter (components were originally Shimano STX). I did upgrade the brakes to Avid V-brakes though, since cantilevers are about as useful downhill as a wet sponge. I also changed the rims to some decent Richeys after a few years of abuse and I’ve just put some nice Continental slicks on it.

Anyway, it’s now my beater bike and I’m very proud of it.

Also, this is my slightly more modern off-roader. It’s a bit of a mix of parts, but is basically an AC-2 frame with a whole load of parts bought one at a time, mostly from Alan’s. The reason my other bike was out of use for so long was cos I was using some of its parts on this thing for so long. Even since this pic was taken I’ve changed a couple of things, but just minor changes.

lovely , great thread.

never seen a giant ac series bike with xc type bar ends before! :slight_smile:

These sweet Trigon carbon forks are the business, LX brakes with KoolStop pads (always ditch the crap Shimano ones!)

Rear view of kitted up backside with Ortlieb rear panniers, Topeak rack and Continental Travel Contact tyres.

Side view of LX rear cassette and shifter (harder wearing), front 48Tooth XT crankset and LX shifter, butterfly touring bars (attatched only for touring), Brooks saddle (recently replaced with an SQ Labtech saddle(the bees knees), fast adjustable Topeak bottle holders which adjust to fit average Pocari sweat type plastics as well as standard bike bottles (great for touring), Topeak saddle bag (contains tube, tool, patches, phone, camera, money and keys.) and of course the great Giant Yukon frame which is great for an all round bike capable of touring, off roading, on roading etc.

Nice multi-use bike there, sulavaca.

your forks are bent, sulavaca.

here’s a couple of mine on velospace:

Screw the bikes. Stu’s got a fucking Tonka truck! :notworthy:

So do you guys actually ride, or just drool [edited] in front of those beauties :wink:

Seriously, some great looking gear, and obviously very well maintained. Show us more!

Finally a bike thread! Thanks, Iris :slight_smile:

Now, my current wheels may be crap compared to yours but I beat you on the background surely? :wink:

I like tash’s custom saddle. Very high-tech.

Mock all you want. You’re just jealous cos I had just had a swim :stuck_out_tongue: Where else is a girl supposed to put her bikini and the beach towel? :loco:

Mock all you want. You’re just jealous cos I had just had a swim :stuck_out_tongue: Where else is a girl supposed to put her bikini and the beach towel? :loco:[/quote]
What? You’re taking photos of your bicycle in a public place with no bikini and no towel? Corblimey, missus! Oo-er!

Hey, this is Europe remember? We like our bikes topless here. Ask 914

I’ll save you the picture of my bike by just saying it’s the same as Sulavaca’s but without all the mods. And there are no bikini’s in sight.


That’s sweet ride. I would however, put some streamers on the ends of the handlebars…people would see those and say," whoa, that dude is bad".

Nothing less than a “Supersport” bike…

Tigerman: i think you should raise your seat a little bit. Apart from that, it seems the bike suits you well. … size=large

My old school 1992 Brodie - last year of the hand-built cromoly frames. 12 years of pacific coast pounding + 3 tours of the Philippines + Hanoi to HoChiMin and still going strong. *Cheap plastic pedals a recent add-on due to a drunken bike packing incedent in Cebu.

Will leave Jan 25th for Tour of the Visayas part 4: ride around Leyte and Biliran.

My chopper. Need to ride it more:

My 1987 Campione d’Italia with modern Campagnolo components. In classic Bianchi celeste, of course. Steel is real! Classic Italian steel with Italian components even moreso! L’acciaio e vero! Mi piace tanto! Mamma mia!