Showbiz in Taiwan

Do any of you work in the showbiz industry over here in Taiwan?(TV, FILM, Commercial, etc…)? I heard it was pretty easy to get into that industry(yin yi chuan) here in Taiwan. Is it true?

Is there a ‘showbiz’ in Taiwan? … Oh, you mean these people that present these terrible shows and ‘pop’ singers …
No, it’s not easy … you need to be accepted by the incrowd and do as they say … it’s pretty much a mafia …

I disagree, it’s really easy, anybody can do it, no talent required… unfortunately.

Hmm I talked to alot of people and it really is easy… if you know the right people… much like most of the entertainement business world wide. Although, independents are getting alot more attention now. You should visit the Taiwan Film Festivle which is still going on until 9th of July I believe.

Not sure what aspect of the business you are looking to get into?

You may also look into going to HK and the Mainland has a really developing film industry right now, although it is still very controlled by the government.

It’s almost impossible to get a visa, so any work you can do is only part-time. This is the big reason so many American Chinese VJs stopped working at MTV and Channel V - they just couldn’t get working visas any more. If you’re not local, you’ll forever be window dressing on someone else’s show. Not very lucrative and no future…

But when you get here everyone will say how handsome you are.

Don’t believe them.

Maoman has a point. But if you become the product, like Coco and Angela, instead of just another talking head, then the visa status becomes less of an issue.

There’s a lot of behind the camera stuff too in the entertainment career path. Song writers come from all over the place for instance. Of course one’s Chinese language skill has to be up to par in the dialect you’re writing for.