Shower partition door to seperate wet/dry areas

Would like to divide my wholly wet bathroom into wet/dry sections. Where might I be able to find such a thing in Taoyuan/Taipei area?

Ovo bathroom products

Look or ask for a dealer.

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A B&Q (特力屋). There are a couple around both cities.

you just don’t understand Taiwanese culture…


It’s easier to get it done, they cut the size it needs to be. Only height is fixed for some things.

Do you want to divide the two sections vertically or horizontally?


You wear house slippers and when going to the bathroom you change into bathroom slippers because the whole darn thing is wet. You have a tub but you shower next to it!

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Make sure to caulk well.

The previous tenant in my apartment instated a door and didn’t caulk well. Water leaked out like nothing else and the door blocked the water from returning. The result was the “dry area” becoming a “standing water area” after a shower.

I ripped out the door and threw it away.

It sells those bars you adjust for length between walls by twisting the two ends (somewhere in the middle). It also sells shower curtains that hang down from the bar. We bought both.
Cheap and durable. Ask IKEA helper.

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It’s a temporary solution, the curtains rot and mold and the bars give way after a few years.

And the water will still make it’s way to the other side of the bathroom. You need something caulked along the floor to prevent water from going everywhere.

I hope this is a Taiwanese joke somewhere. I can’t tell. Well played.