Shrimp on dry land!

I know Taiwan is humid. But I did not think Shrimps can walk on dry land here. What do you make of it? Or was it one of the aliens from Star Trek “Catspaw” (TOS episode), but without the blue fur.

Took the photos in front of my house in Jonghli area.

He was probably just coming to pick up his watch, then go back in the water. Not so amazing really.

Aliens…kneel before the Inter-Galactic Shrimp King!

Now go look for their space craft before they wind up in somebodies soup.

That last pic is really cool, by the way.

Doesn’t look like “dry” land to me…

Did he taste good?

I defended his life, chasing my wife and dogs away. He was fighting them swinging his “mighty” claws anyway.

And yes, it is kinda humid where I live. Everywhere is white-greenish fungus stuff…brrrr



He looks an awful lot like Hellboy in that photo.

Great pics! May we play with the last one in our Photoshop thread? Pretty please? :smiley:

Oh, and yes, some crustaceans can walk on dry land. This one appears to be a crayfish, btw, although if it came out of salt water it’s technically a small lobster. I didn’t know that before starting to Google this one, but I found the question to be interesting, so I’m sharing my results.

Wiki pic of crayfish (left) and yours (right):

According to a site called the Blue Lobster, Taiwan has crayfish but they are not native:

yes, feel free to use the pics.

And thanks for the info!