Has anybody managed to find or eat shrooms in Taiwan? Somebody recently told me they’re not hard to find if you’re living in Taichung. I find this surprising. Local people in that area aren’t fond of them, are they?! Perhaps I’m wrong, but Taiwanese don’t strike me as the kind of people who’d take a shine to shrooms. Even when I was in Thailand, the local people where dumbfounded that anyone would willingly put such a thing into their body.

They’re called “het” in Thai. What’s the Taiwanese word for them? A local slang word, even one in Taiyu, would help me much more than a scientific term.

Seems to me places like Qingjing Nongchang, and other such places in Nantou, could do a thriving under the table business if they decided to cater to foreign shroom tourists.

Do you mean the shrooms that you use for cooking or the “Turbo Blue” type shrooms?

Where I used to live in the states people would sometimes pick them in the cow pastures at night. I’m not aware of any cow pastures in Taiwan.

Just order some spores and find a cool damp spot in your home. They grow like, uh, mushrooms.
Thought about bringing some from Amsterdam. What luscious packets they sell there! But alas, my shrooming days are long over.

Dammit none of the places to order shroom kits on the internet will ship to Taiwan. Gonna have to ask a friend back in the states to recive and re-send one for me. And hope it makes it thru customs. This place is pretty drug unfriendly, even when we’re talking about a drug that grows naturally in a lot of places (including Taiwan I’d bet), and that Taiwanese people aren’t even interested in, much less likely to abuse. Go to any club and you’ll see why the gov’t here ain’t keen on ecstasy. But shrooms? Gimmie a break!

I definitely wouldn’t shroom in Taipei. Anywhere, anytime. Too many motorcycles to run me over and too much jerrybuit concrete housing, and not enough trees. Even at Taan Park, the dudes doing Tai-Chi would mess with my head I think.

I think Ill head down to Taitung for a couple days if I ever get a hold of some shrooms or acid while I’m here. Could even organize a shrooming symposium (or a shroom tasting party, if most people want a touch of class) in Taitung if I could get enough people.