ShuoHao Language Center-Open your world to Chinese (Taipei city)

The first step in our exploration of the world is language. It is like the key to the world.
ShuoHao Language Center is your best option to learn Chinese and fully experience Taiwan. " SHUO HAO " in Chinese means that learning is easy and fun, also that you can speak well and learn well!
Come to ShuoHao Language Center and let you bravely open the door of your heart to the World.

A wonderful and friendly place to learn Chinese in Taipei.
-Experienced & Qualified Teachers
-Quality & Customized Courses
-Fun Activities & Social Events

One-on-one class:
Get more out of your 1-on-1 courses. The classes start at 9 am and finish at 9 pm, allowing flexibility into almost any student’s work and travel schedule. You can determine the subject related to your field of interest or profession. We will assign you an experienced teacher. Accomplish your goals at your own pace and top up your mandarin skills.

One-on-two class:
Are you traveling to Taiwan with a friend and you both want to learn Chinese together? The 1-on-2 course option is your best choice. You will keep the flexibility of the course schedule and the customizing of the while having very cost-effective private courses.

Regular courses:
Regular courses consist of 4 hours of instruction per week. We offer courses at different levels (A1-C2) in small groups. Students can join the classes according to their Chinese level. You will obtain a lot of chances to discuss with your teacher and classmates achieving the purpose of language communication.

New Regular Chinese Course for Beginner level - I!
:loudspeaker: 36 hours: 4 hours per week
:loudspeaker: Textbook: A Course in Contemporary Chinese Book 1
Lesson 1 - Lesson 5
:small_orange_diamond:Day :Monday & Wednesday or
Tuesday & Thursday
:small_orange_diamond:Time : 10:00-12:00
:small_orange_diamond:Date:2019.11.18-2020.01.20( Holiday 01/01 )

New Regular Chinese Course for Beginner level - II!
:loudspeaker: 36 hours: 4 hours per week
:loudspeaker: Textbook: A Course in Contemporary Chinese Book 1
Lesson 6 - Lesson 10
:small_orange_diamond:Day : Tuesday & Thursday
:small_orange_diamond:Time : 10:00-12:00
:small_orange_diamond:Date:2019.12.05-2020.02.11( Holiday 01/01, 01/23-01/29 )

New Regular Chinese Course for Elementary level - I !
:loudspeaker: 36 hours: 4 hours per week
:loudspeaker: Textbook: A Course in Contemporary Chinese Book 2
Lesson 1 - Lesson 5
:small_orange_diamond:Day :Monday & Wednesday
:small_orange_diamond:Time : 19:00-21:00
:small_orange_diamond:Date:2019.11.18-2020.01.20( Holiday 01/01 )

Phone +886227002168
Address 8 Floor, No. 82, Section 2, Fuxing South Road, Da’an District Taipei Taiwan

Anyone been here?

looks interesting, @ShuoHao
What kind of student visa is available?

It Looks Interesting. May I know the process of admission.

Hi, we cannot apply for visas on behalf of students, but we can offer an invitation or certificate for you to let you apply for it. Otherwise, you have to apply for a visitor or tourist visa on your own.

Hi BHL4life,
You are welcome to come to our center to take a look and get more information.

Hi ,
You can enroll the class via our website or email us for more information.

I only have learned Chinese there for 30hrs private class.
Teachers there are very friendly and experienced.
I heard that most of the teachers taught in Shida before. My teacher help me a lot. I could chat with my Taiwan girlfriend’mom with a little bit of Chinese.

just registered to make this comment huh? haha thanks anyway poo no. i will check it out anyway, looking for a new school.

Do you have class on weekends?