Signatures and Salutations


This thread originated from the Bronze_Wu’s “Apartment” thread in the Housing Forum. I’ve renamed it here to field a question about posting policies from “idontgetit”.

Apologies to Bronze_Wu for taking example with this.

P.S. Take note of the “Sig” below the line in this post – I’ll refer to it below


I’ve edited out all replies to this thread that have NOTHING to do with housing in Taiwan.

You are welcome to discuss non-housing matters in other sections of the ORIENTED forums. Please bear in mind the rules (click here), especially rule #3: “…harassing, abusive, hateful, or embarrassing to another Site visitor…”. This especially applies to comments concerning sexual preference and religious orientation.

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I’m curious moderator. What does Bronze’s attempt to save my soul have to do with housing?


You refer either to Bronze_Wu’s signature or “that written formula for ending letters” (the Sincerely-yours-stuff) – neither of which, obviously, violate forum rules

Have you noticed that some member signatures include links to personal or company websites? I for one do not feel it necessary to edit them, even though such sigs would have nothing to do with a post (have you ever looked at mine? )

Furthermore, if someone chose to end their post with a friendly “Fuck off asswipes,” – chances are a moderator would take it off without a second thought (and you might not even merit a warning – unless you were a repeat offender).

In case you forget, this is a discussion forum, my friend. We have rules, but enforcing them ain’t a science – in fact, I’m counting on the moderators to use their personal judgement in keeping their forums healthy. So if you’re sig is going to advertise your company or services – be my guest. If instead you plan on using the space to promote Nazi memorabilia – then I’m gonna have a problem with you (surprise, surprise)

Folks, the idea here is to keep the forums as relevant and useful as possible. Sure, it’s also about being entertained – a little levity never hurt anyone. Indeed, a sense of humor is more than welcome.

But, hey, cut us (the moderators) some slack – we’re trying to keep a sense order in these discussions… FREE of charge(!) for crying out loud! Last I time I checked, I happen to be the only moderator who does not have a real day job (and you better believe I keep myself busy in other ways)

So save the smart ass “his sig broke your rules” comments – I much more appreciate it if you wrote in with meaningful reasons why a certain post really is inappropriate. Hell, teach us something – you might find that we are reasonable people after all

Get it?