Signing up for NHI

Hi everyone, tried searching on the forum but some of the topics were a bit dated.

I just received my ARC. I’m wondering if I am automatically enrolled in health insurance or if I need to go somewhere to sign up for that. Also how long the process takes before I can start going to the doctor?

And help or resources would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Your employer is legally obligated to register you and it should be an immediate thing. You’re eligible from your first day of work.

Resources are here.

National Health Insurance Administration Ministy of Health and Welfare

Awesome. Thank you!

I’m not sure if my employer registered me. Is there any way for me to check other than asking them? They are a small buxiban and I’m pretty sure their answer will be "Yes. I think so. "

in my understanding if you have NHI then you have an NHI card. if you dont have the card then you dont have the insurance. some employers are not proactive about setting it up because it costs money.

My employer signed me Up after I started working.
He needed: 1 photo, copies of the ARC, passport and my visa (the sticker inside the passport).
It took around 14 working days until the NHI-Card arrived.

If it takes much longer for your card to arrive I’d suggest you look for a new employer.

If you need to see a doctor in the meantime, don’t forget to ask for a receipt. You can reimburse some money at the local NHI Office after your card arrived.