Silent place with kitchen to stay for two weeks

Hi everyone!

I landed in Taipei two days ago, and I am checking out the city as a possible home for the next couple of years. Having a kitchen available while I travel is important to me due to some dietary requirements.
I booked my first couple of nights at a hostel (with kitchen) with the intention of extending if everything went fine, but I had a really hard time to sleep as it was cold and noisy. Not due to other sleepers, but mostly due to the thin windows which do not isolate from street noise adequately.

After being unable to sleep for two days, I moved to a private room in a hotel which is thankfully much warmer and silent (but without windows or kitchen). I checked around some websites, but I can’t see many alternatives granting these two requirements.

My reference budget is around 50$USD per night. What would be your suggestions to stay in Taipei for two weeks with a silent place to sleep and a kitchen? I don’t mind the location too much as long as it is connected.

Go on airbnb and rent a studio that isn’t on the main streets. Should be fine for two weeks.


Chinatrust Executive House
02 2910 6600

Right two minutes from Dapinglin station. It offers both simple rooms with large windows or a small studio with microwave and hot plate and fridge and balcony.*

Note: it overlooks a park so it is mostly quiet except these holidays, of course…