Silly flash movie starring yours truly

I was going to share these beauties a while ago but never did. Looks like we’re going back into production and some sequels to the sequels may be on the way.

I think our third installment (Teacher Casey and Teacher Paul Go to a restaurant) might be our best work to date. Maybe you should save that one for last (if you plan on watching them all that is).

Figuring out which one is me shouldn’t be too hard. I’m the one that looks like a professional actor.

Feel free to tell me how much of an ass I look like :smiley:

Some take a while to load, be patient.

Without further ado:

(note: just noticed at least one of the movies doesn’t work in firefox, might as well switch to IE)

(note #2: watch “Teacher Casey and Teacher Paul Wash Their Hands” at your own risk)


Utterly hilarious! I can only imagine what the kiddies make of that. The ones in the background in ‘Manners’ look like they’re thinking ‘These guys are wack - and not wiggety-wack, just regular type’. :loco:

I like it when Mimi goes up the mountain. :slight_smile:

Good stuff! :bravo:
I have the weirdest urge to go wash my hands now…

Great acting, miltownkid! I love the dramatic soap opera expressions. You and Teacher Paul really ought to audition for Y & R.

Two thumbs up!

It’s a pity we don’t have access to the original .jpg’s, I’m sure we can come up with some better captions, like the first ‘Manners’ one: “Teacher Casey likes to fondle teacher Paul’s bottom.”
It’s so easy to want to over-act in these things, good job you resisted that temptation.

You should do a double-entendre Rainbow version. [See hexuan’s rainbow thread.]

Those were fun Miltownkid!

You guys should let the Studio Classroom crew in on the power of understatement!

BRAVO!! I think i’ll be quoting alot of those everytime I talk. Frost is tired, what should he do?..haha I know, he should go to sleep…Zzzzz

I had to watch it a couple of times. But I think I know how to do it now. I’m still having trouble cutting and pasting, though. Did you do a video for that, too?

I think it would only be of benefit to children who already know you and are used to your such exaggerated mannerisms. Well, maybe not too exaggerated. The frames should cover the whole screen rather than just a smallish frame on a white background.

You need to use better background lighting rather than rely on the one on the camera.

Why not have some kids, Taiwanese, and hopefully students of yours, sitting around the table with you? (read interaction with big noses)

And last but not least check your spelling! Accidently? Gimme a break!

Good shot, but work on it for a year and then come back and see the changes.

I think it mostly benefited us :slight_smile:. I never used them and my friend used them only a few times. One bonus was it made us look really committed to teaching. Thanks for the tips, I’ll use them if we ever make more. Don’t know about the lighting one though. That sounds like we’d actually have to know what we’re doing.

You can blame any spelling errors you find on my friend :smiley:, though I’ve never noticed any :blush:.

I’m sure Miltownkid knew the consequences of his actions when he posted this, but what does Teacher Paul think of being made to look a complete tit in front of all forumosa ?

He already knows and doesn’t care. It was his idea in the first place and he did make the website. Websites are made fer lookin’.

Rejected Sequel Idea #69: Teacher Casey and Teacher Paul go to the Strip Club

Rejected Sequel Idea #70: Teacher Casey and Teacher Paul go to jail

Rejected Sequel Idea #8: Teacher Casey lays a smack down on Teacher Paul in a frenzied game of chess

Rejected Sequel Idea #17: Teacher Casey and Teacher Paul make a pitcher of lime Kool-Aid (with real lime slices!)

I was thinking of titling the next series “The Adventures of Foreigner Man!”

How does that sound?

Do a remake of Charisma Man, a Taiwan version.