sim card for underage

Just wondering if I can buy a sim card for my daughter who is 13 yrs old.
I am going to land in Kaohsiung next week, and stay 1 month.
As far as I remember a foreigner cannot buy more than 1 sim per person; usually we buy 2 sim cards, one for my wife and one for me, but now I think we will need 3.

To be honest, I’ve never heard of the one sim card per person rule.
I’ve bought many sim cards under my name for others without incident.

This sounds weird. But if true, I would be happy to be wrong!
I have been told several times from the vendor that I cannot buy a second SIM… but that was many years ago, and I kept assuming this to be true. Maybe it has changed?

It’s one sim per network (per person) if prepaid.

So in answer to your question, just get your daughter one on a different network :blush:

I see. This makes sense. Thanks both of you.

I had 2 mobile number (1 for my son and for my self) - using my ROC id can apply 2 numbers. Now waiting for him be at legal age (20~21) forgot which one so that his phone bills could go to his ID #

This is correct.
Same goes for foreigners and pre-paid (2 cards for one passport).
Just check the CHT, FETone, Taiwan Mobile counters at airport to see which one has the better deal. Should be roughly the same.

Actually, I’ve bought from Taiwan mobile pretty much exclusively, I have two sim cards from them right now.

I think the rule is that you can only buy one SIM card per person from each different company. So u can just go buy one more from a different company and u will be fine.

I found a very interesting thing: both Taiwan mobile and CHT offer 1000ntd/month prepaid sim with unlimited internet. However, Taiwan mobile offer is valid on airport only, and they only have a shop in TPE.
CHT also has a shop in KHH, not clear if the offer is valid in airport only or not.
It is possible to arrange a booking of the card (which I did).

CHT is at Sungshan Airport in Taipei, and it offers that same deal.
Just bring passport. Can buy 2 sim cards (30 days each) for 1 passport.
I would guess Kaohsiung international airport would also have CHT (if not FarEastone & Taiwan Mobile, too).

In KHH there is only a CHT shop. There is no Taiwan mobile shop.

Same in Sungshan Airport in Taipei. Still able to buy 2 sims with 1 passport.

I landed in Kaohsiung 2 weeks ago.
I have to correct myself: now there are both Taiwan Mobile and CHT shop in the airport.
I do not know about buying 2 sims with one passport because at the end we borrowed the third sim from a relative here.

Still wondering how it is possible that there is absolutely no limits in the data traffic for this amount of money…
I hope this is true because I downloaded some Linux distribution with my mobile phone… I have already used several GB’s.

Your relative likely has unlimited data.
All telcos now have something like NTD 499 a month for that.
Welcome to the great land of unlimited downloading.