Simbang Gabi services in Banqiao and Taipei City (St Christopher's and St John Bosco)

Just heard about Simbang Gabi masses being offered in New Taipei City and Taipei City. Good to hear these are available nowadays.

I remember going to the Philippine consulate at Christmastime to attend Simbang Gabi and Misa de Gallo masses at 7pm when I was in college in New York. We would say it was properly scheduled to be early morning in the Philippines (actually, if we really meant it, the masses should have been at 4pm or 5pm EST). And, of course, the consulate served up Salabat and Bibingka (probably from Woodside in Queens).


Taipei City


Btw, there is a really good ginger tea + brown sugar cube here in Taipei that I have brought back to the Philippines as pasalubong. I don’t think proper Salabat is sweetened, but the one I found here is very well received


This isn’t a Filipino mass, but it is also a daily Christmas service - a Christmas novena in Chinese at St John Bosco on Mingsheng E Road (near the Sherwood)

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