Simple question about work marriage and ARC


Simple question ?

Been here three years, married to Taiwanese. I am British. I have a masters degree. I have an ARC through marriage. I also have a daughter that has dual citezenship ?

Can I work In Taiwan as English teacher or anything else, like selling stinky To Fu in the market or bettle nuts in Pan chiao ?


Your examples are not good ones. Both of them may require you (or any Taiwanese) to get a vendor’s license. There are lots of restrictions on this. You can work other ‘normal’ white collar or blue collar jobs.

Just asked a lawyer the same question. Answer was a definate “yes” and do not need a work permit even for teaching, except kindergartens (good thing too) which fall under article something or other. I also got the same answer from my brother in law who is a Taipei cop. As far as street vendors go yes I realise u have to get a permit but so does any Taiwanese person as well, or u will get fined, not deported if you have an ARC through marriage (according to the brother in law although he is not a foreign affairs cop but regular) . So basically I can work in any profession but need the same permits as a Taiwanese. Other exceptions being jobs of nationaly security such as cops, secret service and nuclear button pushers! I found out I can sell bettle nuts but you need a permit (nothing to do with race but actually loacation) and cannot wear a mini skirt that reveals your underwear (last sentence was a joke)!

I was told that teaching at kindergartens was OK. After numerous attempts at trying to contact people at the CLA, the manager told me that I could teach at kindergartens. What have you been told?

Teaching at kindergartenns is NOT okay.

Please see all previous threads about teachers being deported.

You can do anything, sell bubble gum behind the train station, kindergarten teacher, TV actor. Just remember, always treat the police with the utmost respect and speaking some Mandarin doesn’t hurt, it shows respect for the culture.
In Taiwan anything is possible, when your married to a local, it’s that much easier.
Work permits, visa runs and txs are a thing of the past.
P.S Marriage sucks and the people who have been deported are silly or stupid f*cks.

Teaching in kindergartens for someone with an open work permit (marriaged-based or PARC mainly) is legal (although teaching immersion English is not) because Taiwanese people can do it without a special license. In practice, this may not be true in your locality–i.e. the police will ignore the law and fine you anyway.

You are extremely unlikely to be deported for this kind of violation if you are married to a citizen. But I would be careful about relying on anecdotal evidence from lawyers or law enforcement officals. Very few lawyers (if any) have any real experience in this area (even if you could afford them), and the police–well, let’s just say they make things up as they go along sometimes.

Simple question, complicated answer. TIT.

I was very frustrated at one point so I called everyone to see if someone could give me an answer. The senior official at the CLA told explicitly that I could work at a kindergarten if I have a JFRV.

The police say that because a kindergarten teacher needs to be licensed that unless the foreigner is licensed, he or she is working illegally. In response to this, the CLA official told me that if I have any problems just have the police call her.

So, what’s the final word. Well, a owner of a well-known bushiban said this, “The teacher would not be fined nor deported, but the school would be fined for hiring an unlicensed teacher.”

Has anyone heard something else from the CLA?