Single certification and marriage

i want to marry my girlfriend. i am british, she is canadian. we need to get certificates to state that we are single. the british trade office in taipei says i have to go to hong kong. is there anyway round this?

Check out this thread:
I think there were a couple of British guys there. My suggestion is don’t bother with the trade office. Try and deal with the relevant department int he UK directly. You’ll probably find that the guys here are talking shite.

I’m dealing with NZ but it was pretty straight forward. I looked up on the net, downloaded the form and sent it off int he mail with my credit card number.


Phsssshaw! Hong Kong now is it? When I first went, they told me I had to go back to UK. No question. Absolutely no other way.
They are total idiots that know not their arses from their elbows. If you keep demanding to speak to their boss, you should eventually talk to someone who should tell you what to do. It goes something like this:

Do you have parents living in UK? If so, ask them to go the family solicitor (or the notary public in their town) and get a notarized proxy single certificate. Then ask them to send it to the Taiwan rep. office in London, enclosing an SAE to you in Taiwan, along with the processing fee (10 pounds when I did it in 1997). The rep office will check that the notary public or solicitor really exists and will then put their own stamp on the back of the document before sending it on to you using the SAE.

That’s it.