Singles happy hour plus speed dating

Event Information:
Magic Match Party’s Singles Happy Hour and Speed Dating
Location: Cafe Culture and Bar
Address: DunHwa South Road, Section 2, Lane 81, #65
Phone Number: 02-2707-6955 or 02-2707-6853

[b]Date: Saturday, April 14, 2007

Time: 9:30pm-12 am[/b]

Guest List Females – $200 Non-Guest List Females - $300
Guest List Males – $300 - Non-Guest List Males - $400

Event Description:
Starting April, we will hold our singles happy hour every other week at Cafe Culture and Bar. The event last Saturday was exactly how we pictured all our singles happy hours to be from now on.It was a small intimate gathering of friendly single professional (around 40 people) at a comfortable and romantic venue.? We had speed dating as part of our activities and our “Date Doctor Ann” showing new singles their True Colors of Love.

Pictures from Last Event,

This time, we will have Speed Dating from 10:30-11:30 pm (speed dating FAQ link) and a matching game (all optional) at 11:30 pm to help you break the ice and meet someone new. If you are matched, we will help you set up your first date within a week. We are so confident of our service that if you don’t find a match, your next event/drink is on us. Like past events, we ask that no personal information be exchanged during the event for your own safety. We will contact you with your match within a week and provide optional date packages with your match.

The aims of Magic Match Party Taipei’s Single Happy Hours and Speed Dating are to offer more opportunities for you to meet that special someone while giving us an opportunity to get to know you better. As we learn of your likes and how we can help, we will be able to provide a more personal service that is tailored to your wants and needs.

We will also have date packages available for purchase to help you on your dates. Depending on the selection, our date packages will include drinks, dinner, and entertainment. One of the main aims for us is to help you get that first date. Whatever happens after that is up to you!

Come and have a drink with us in an intimate and comfortable atmosphere on Saturday, April 14, 20007, and let us help you mingle and meet new friends. We are here to help you find your future.

Location: Cafe Culture and Bar
Address: 敦化南路2段81巷65號
Phone Number: 02-2707-6955 or 02-2707-6853

Date: Saturday, April 14, 2007
Time: 9:30pm-12:00[/b]

Guest List Cover: Females: $200 Males: $300
Non Guest List Cover: Females: $300 Males: $400

歡迎你可以來參予 Magic Match Party Taipei的活動。這次的單身Happy Hour 會在Cafe Culture舉行。Magic Match Party Taipei的單身Happy Hour 能提供你與妳更多機會去認識特別的人以及給予我們更多的機會認識你們。讓我們能多了解你,也就能提供對你更好的服務,因為我們能夠知道你的需求。

配對小天使以及配對遊戲(自願參加)的服務將可以減少一開始的緊張情況,而能迅速拉近彼此的距離。我們也提供整套約會服務來協助你與妳安排第一次的約會。這套服務會有晚餐,飲料以及娛樂活動。單身Happy Hour的最終目的是幫助你與妳第一約會而成立的,之後的發展就靠你自己!