Singles party this saturday, lazer tag and room 18

Come out this weekend for our Singles Party at Lazer Trek (4th floor of Kmall at Taipei Main Station). We’ll all go out to Room 18 afterwards.

There’s a great bar area at Lazer Trek where there will be unlimited drinks and we get to do something new and interesting.

期待已久的MMP 五月活動(5/26)會在台北車站KMALL4樓舉行 活動內容有非常刺激有趣的雷射鎗生存遊戲 我們還提供一個非常另類的地方 可以和你的朋友一起PARTY 享受最棒的夜晚 我們還有提供無限暢飲

what is 雷射槍生存遊戲?

以戶外漆彈運動的概念為構想 把對戰系統數位化,臨場交鋒的真實感把漆彈射擊運動又提升到另一個更有趣的層次,刺激多一點,瘀青少一點!

Way too much going on this weekend. Any actual time for this one?