Sites independently blocking Taiwan for international payment

So I’ve started freelancing articles for some blog in the US. The company will pay me through PayPal. I’ve linked my PayPal account to Taiwan through E.Sun (the only bank here you can do it with). On request, I gave my permanent address to the person in charge of payments and he did not indicate there was any problem. However on the platform where payment is supposed to be processed, my country is listed as People’s Republic of China :unamused:. I scrolled through the country options on the platform and there was no option for ‘Taiwan.’ Am I going to be able to receive payment, or am I screwed? The company has my account and wiring info, but having the wrong country listed seems like a big nonstarter. Also it’s weird the guy in charge of payment never said anything when he saw there was no option for the country I told him I live in. Very frustrating, and not the first time I’ve come across this crap (last year I couldn’t order a Mother’s Day gift I wanted because the damn site didn’t list Taiwan as an option), but this time I might get screwed out of a couple hundred dollars considering I’ve already written and submitted articles.


You should contact the site, because you didn’t really indicate what platform you are using.

You do not withdraw paypal balance through Paypal in Taiwan. You go to the E Sun bank online banking site and do it through there.

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I’m confused. Aren’t they just paying your Paypal wallet? Why do they need wiring info, or for that matter an address?

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The company could be using a payroll management system that requires this info for all payees.

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Unfortunately, PayPal needs to be registered with a bank and coupled with an existing account. And you need a SWIFT number even for PayPal.

Don’t you have it set up already?

Well now I don’t even understand what Paypal is, anymore. But in that case yeah, I’d be a bit nervous about putting the wrong country into the payment system, because it could hit compliance checks in all kinds of places along the way.

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Are there any fees when your customer pays you through PayPal?
I’m currently looking into ways how customers in Europe can pay me. my fees are in euro and they directly pay in euro.

Paypal always charge a fee for incoming payments unless you use the “send to friends and family” option. But that option isn’t always available in every country.

We are all cousins.

Basically send to friend and family has no fees but does not allow paypal protection, so there’s no way to reverse it. But it’s not available everywhere.

Thats bullshit. But when it comes to payment into PayPal, why is there an issue? Money is paid to paypal, and you withdraw from paypal to esun account (which is also bullshit, but it usually works).

Is it your cusomer that has no taiwan option or paypal payments? If paypal, just send a request.