SJW no-whites day at Evergreen State College

Looks like all the liberal PC SJW stuff that liberal professors have been teaching their students is coming back to bite them, at least at one university in Washington State.

It was inevitable that hypervictimization began feeding on itself once it ran out of bogeymen.


Evergreen has always been a little wacky, but this is insane. Fighting racism with racism…how could that not work? This incident could have been lifted straight from the Cultural Revolution.

“Didn’t you educate us on how to do shit like this?” one student said. “It was you that taught us that in class. Right, though? You taught us to go and change the world. Ain’t that what you all sell on that state college page? To when shit is wrong that we should try to change it? So why you all in here eating cake and chewing?”[/quote]

I guess you can’t have your cake and chew it too. Spoken like a true revolutionary youth. This is what the Red Guard would have sounded like if they’d grown up in Washington State and smoked a lot of reefer.


kill it with fire.

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I wonder what criteria the white people were supposed to use to define themselves as ‘white’. If your great-grandmamma had been a bit of a wild child with a thing for black whatchamacallits, does that give you the right genetic credentials? Would they have told Vin Diesel he’s not welcome on campus? How about Ali G? Or Rachel Dolezal?

It all gets a bit silly, really fast.

Race is just a social construct, man, so it’s all about how you self-identify. But if you’re a white male with dreadlocks, you’re definitely gonna be attacked for “cultural appropriation.”


There’s a lot of really, really dumb people in the world, and they come in lots of different colours.

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Thank you for your pithy insight, Captain Obvious. :sunglasses:

I aim to please.

I hope they keep it up; guaranteeing a Trump 2020 win.


I think any red-blooded white person will react in only one way when they hear about this.

Is that their intention?

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That’s sexist. Why not “bogeywomen” ? Don’t know you that each bogeywoman only makes 77 cents/h compared to bogeymen? Stop oppressing women, you racist homophobic xenophobic Goddzillaphobic cisgender male!

(now that University may hire me to take the place of that Nazi professor, and give some free shekels in the process! if it happens, I’ll share with you)


Sorry, that’s sexist too. The correct term is “bogeywomyn.” You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

I think the Stampeders should be invited to play

Your level of morality is clearly superior to mine. Damn.

Only when you’ve burned away every last vestige of cis privilege with the righteous fire of social justice will your soul be pure. You need to immerse yourself in the scripture:

February 29, 2016 by Sam Dylan Finch

Holy crapload of doom, some dudes would be willing to make up ANYTHING for a chance at getting laid.

I think we think alike.

Only men can be oppressors. Thus there are no bogeypersons. Don’t take my word for it. Ask somebody well versed in hypervictimization.

Apparently the drama is still going on. This type of stuff is usually a hoax, but with modern progressives, you never know.

The left created this, so it’s somewhat humerous to see them turn on each other. Any bets this college loses most of its enrollment next school year?