Skateboard Parks

Anyone know if there are skateboard parks in Taoyuan or Taipei?

One place with skateboard/BMX bike ramps is in the grounds of the Zhongshan Football Stadium at the junction of Zhongshan North Road and Minzu West Road. I think you have to pay to use the facilities.

There are two small skate parks next to the soccer stadium (about 2 minutes walk from Yuanshan MRT station). In the one closest to the car park control gate the ramps are wooden and get really slippery after it’s been raining. There are four sets of half-pipes - I think the smallest is about 3 foot and the biggest 10 foot. [Axiom’s pic 2 below show’s the big 2 halfpipes]
There’s also a couple of sport-climbing walls there, but I’ve never seen anyone use them.
The other skate park is the other side of the car park. It’s all concrete and metal but has grind rails, a spline, a couple of jumps and some other cool stuff. [Axiom’s pic 1 below]

Both parks have “grandstand” seating.
Entrance doesn’t cost anything and the gates are locked at night. There’s no facilities (not even a drinks machine). The place is floodlit from the time it gets dark until lock-up time.

Yeah, there’s mad skate parks in Taiwan. But, in Taiwan, it’s either Skate at the skatepark, or not at all. Street skating would be suicide. There’s a few good spots to session aroud Taipei (ZhongShan hall, some parks in TianMu,etc.), but cruising down the street is just impossible. If you’re living in Taoyuan, we should get together…it gets boring skating alone sometimes…I must warn you, though…I suck.

Anyway, the park at the soccer stadium is pretty good, and the easiest to get to (right off the MRT)…it’s got a crazy ass vert-ramp that never gets used…a good mini-ramp, and a decent little “street” section (but all the shit to gring is like knee-high…so, fuckin-eh).

there’s also a much better park in Shu-lin…but you have to pay for it (like 30NT or $1US, to use it)

you can get more info, and little maps for directions at
go there and click on “Parks” on the menu

This thread is pretty old, I think the skate park near the soccer stadium might be closed? Can someone provide updated info? I’ve been to the Neihu sports park which seems pretty good, any other skate parks (ramps, etc.) in Taipei/New Taipei? Thanks!

one is currently under construction above the Nangang MRT stop, Zhongxiao road.

Thanks! Anyone know about any in the central/western part of the city? Or in Taipei County?

Related/ Unrelated, What does street skating look like in Taipei? I’ve heard stories of people getting up before 5 to be beat the people on the street. I’ve also heard that most spots are hassle free. Is this true? I’ve seen some pretty pristine marble ledges in the financial core…

Also, best place to buy a board? I’m poor and didn’t bring mine with me.

i know only 2 good shops (for me),
first is Jimi skateshop, along Zhongxiao E.rd. between MRT Zhongxiao-Xinsheng & MRT Shandao Temple. From MRT Zhongxiao-Xinsheng exit 2, i think, Just a few minutes walk after JinShan S. Rd, left side going to Shandao Temple MRT. or look their address up on facebook.
second is this shop near the end of Shilin Night market. forgot the name of the shop.

I bumped into one down by the Costco in Neihu. It is really cool because it is on top of a public building. I checked to see if I could find it on Google maps but their picture is so old they didn’t even have most of the buildings that are now in Neihu!

That is probably Neihu Sports Park, which is built on top of a water treatment facility.

[quote]Neihu Sports Park has some equipment available that is not so often seen in Taipei parks, and it’s all free. As everything is outdoor, you do have to plan your trip according to the weather.
Main features of the park:
Large pond that is filled over the warmer months and suitable for water-play (Covered seating near the pond for picnicking)
Large sandpit with fun tunnel between the two sandpit sections
Purpose-built running track with interesting turns incorporated
Child-friendly climbing wall (not very high, lots of footholds, soft landing material on the ground)
Spacious lawn

Points to note:
The park is easy to miss if you are not familiar with Neihu. It is on the same street as NeiHu Costco just north of it. It is on top of the Water Treatment Plant. There are steps leading up to the park from both sides
If driving, you need to park either across the road from the park, or in the office carpark at the back entrance (it says No Public Parking, but so far I haven’t heard of anyone being towed)
There are toilets and a drinks machine, but as there are no places to eat around the area and just for the sheer pleasure, pack a picnic
Address: Jiuzong Rd Sec.2 #2 ( near Tiding Blvd)
In Chinese it is called the NeiHu Yuin Dong Gong Yuan (exercise park)
臺北市內湖區舊宗路2段2號. 服務電話:02-87911152或02-87919494轉108[/quote]

I think you are right. Thanks!

I haven’t been here yet but looks promising… … /park1.jpg

there is a map with the location here… … d000002712

It might be far for some people but I’m in Banqiao so for me it’s a lot closer then the one in Neihu. My son is getting a skateboard for xxx-mas (don’t tell him!), so I will take him after that and let people know how it goes…

[quote=“nohobobo”]I haven’t been here yet but looks promising… … /park1.jpg

there is a map with the location here… … d000002712

It might be far for some people but I’m in Banqiao so for me it’s a lot closer then the one in Neihu. My son is getting a skateboard for xxx-mas (don’t tell him!), so I will take him after that and let people know how it goes…[/quote]

Been there a couple of times, it’s alright to skate, there’s actually 2 skateparks there, one is concrete and is free to ride, and the wooden one shown on the picture you need to pay like 80 bucks and at night they’ll turn on the lights.

I wanna stop this nonsense of not knowing where parks are. When I lived in Tainan, I found this huge and awesome skatepark out in the mountains. I was the only one there every single time I went. Nobody knew about it.

I started creating a website that brings together – with pics/videos – all the parks in Taiwan. I need a lot of help though. I only know free website building sites and need hi res photos/videos of parks and skate spots in Taiwan. Anyone wanna help? Send me a message.

Taimall park has a skatepark in Taoyuan or is it gone? It’s so very hard to find info on it. Driving me crazy.

any updated info ?

the shulin park looks pretty good. not that i’ve skated in 20 years or anything but…i might like to try it again one day

The Nangang skatepark on Chunghsiao E. Rd. right across the street from MRT station (an MRT exit is right next to it).

And the one @asiababy stated above in Neihu on east side of river and north of Minchuan E. Rd., right under flight path of Sungshan Airport, which is cool.