Skateboarding by area, indoors/outdoors.etc. Skaters support

There are a couple of nice open spaces with flat surfaces to skate around Taipei to practice basic tricks but not enough rails or funboxes to practice with. This thread purpose is to point out any places that could be turned into potential mini-skate parks and get local skaters or supporters to chip in or volunteer. I am currently on a project to build a 5foot long by 30cm height rail, at the riverside park near long shan temple for skating and maybe putting some more add-ons.

So do you or not want to talk about actual skateparks or setups already in place?

There was (still is?) a park in Nangang. I never went to find it, but heard it was above one of the MRT stations there.

Also one at the underpass near the Huashan 1914 Creative Park.

Zhongli has one at the park near Nova.


The one at Nangang is right next to one of the MRT exits (the last MRT stop before Nangang Exhibition Center; not NEC). If you are at the big shopping mall there, you can look (south) across ChungHsiao East Road and see it.
Two areas for skateboarding, in-line skating, trick bicycling; the bigger area is covered, while the other one is a huge uncovered half-pipe.

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I know it’s not skateboarding but I would be really interested to hear of places that have facilities for in-line skating as well, and since many times they are together with skateboarding places, if people could mention that like KHHVille did above it would be awesome.

There is what looks like a decent sized one in Pingtung city, but only from the road. Its near the immigration office on the ithe side of the road and in the opposite direction of the train station. Walking distance from Pingtung train station. Go out the front and just walk straight. Its on the left, past bank Taiwan.

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There are 2 that I know of on Taipei’s riverside bike path.
This 1st one is where they sometimes hold in-line skating races for kids/teenagers/clubs, of which I’ve passed by once when cycling.

The second one is where I’ve seen them hold in-line skating classes for kids, but obviously, it’s open to the public.

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theres a group of skateboarders who are outside of banqiao station 24/7. theres nothing there other than a wall and some flat ground. i can’t understand it personally. back when i was a young skater we would have been living in the skatepark… if we had any nearby. but these kids have several and they prefer a …wall? :thinking: and theres my old man rant for the day.

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Thanks tango for pointing this out, I am not really looking for conventional skateparks, but more of which locations we can develop into skateparks. I’ve been to the older well known skate-park at XinSheng underpass. Maybe that could be a model to look for but I was thinking of setting up your own public free skater-friendly places. Set up rails and ramps or just a chill out place for enthusiasts… I have found a nice little landing with smooth concrete floors over by the riverside with good shade. I bring over my own railing sometimes, and hope we could get a ramp someday or a funbox. It has a lot of potential for expansion. That is sort of what my mind-set is at. Smooth floor (not a lot in Taiwan), open space, nice shade, possible indoors, and … optional: legal.