🛹 Skateboarding - I need to borrow a set of skateboard trucks

I’m not a skateboarder but know people who do.

I’m not sure what’s considered a “good” skateboard trucks, but I was wondering if someone has a “good” set I can borrow?

I want to examine it, and make a CAD drawing of it. The reason is I want to make them on a CNC and see if I can sell them here…

You want to take some other company’s product, make a copy and resell them. Are you trying to get charged again?

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No, I want to take them and improve on them.

Plus it isn’t “theft” because I’m not stealing a product. And also patent has a 10 year limit.

It isn’t illegal to make aftermarket parts.

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It’s illegal if it’s patented and, even if you win, can you afford a lawsuit? Can you actually afford to get sued? Even in my lawsuit that I won, I had to cough up before even knowing for sure that I was gonna win.

It’s still intellectual property theft and if you are selling designs copied from a company and they find out, you will incur their wrath, right or wrong.

Have you consulted with a lawyer?

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I think it would be ok if it’s inspired by it and not a copy. There’s nothing to really patent with the truck design.

Inspired means, not making a CNC copy of it in the first place.

Maybe there isn’t anything to patent, yet it may be patented anyways. Is that worth the risk if companies put years of their r&d money into it?

You can’t patent skateboard trucks. The design has been around for quite some time. Like I said patent is only valid for 10 years.

Most manufacturers who manufacture them most likely use the same design, but in order to save on costs makes them out of inferior materials such as die cast zinc, cast aluminum, or whatever. So perhaps “good” ones are good due to their machining, material selection, bearing quality, etc.

My neighbor makes aftermarket parts for scooters, some of them copies of well known brands. He did it for a long time and did not get sued for it. The aftermarket part in question (it’s brake calipers for scooters) is made from cast aluminum, delaminates with age (no idea why), and costs 20,000nt a set.

They won’t sue you anymore than Martin suing luthiers for making copies of Dreadnought guitars.

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I have some you can borrow but they need the bushings, and they are no name.
I think poor quality… but never rode

Where are you located?

Nangang, but travel to datong district often

Why not just borrow a set from the people you know?

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Because people i know either dont have an extra set, or are so busy that they take 2 weeks to reapond to messages.

Just pm me if you need to check out what i have

Why not buy some? You want to profit off another company’s design, at the very least, buy them yourself. Holy shit, USD 60 at the higher end.

Because right now I have no extra money to be doing that.

It’s gotten so bad even 100nt spent in the wrong place will sink me.

Sorry to hear that. I hope things pick up for you. I’ve been in that place myself in the past.

And who knows what the future holds for any of us.

Good luck, eh!

This is why I want to do this. If I can acquire my neighbor’s CNC machine I can produce them in mass, sell it cheap enough to stores that I can make a decent profit. Even if I make only 50nt a piece, but I make 10 pieces an hour, it’s still a good profit.

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Would making the boards need less start up money? I made them from hardwoods as a teen and made a few for others at cost. Trucks on the other hand, you need rubber and various other parts besides the metal parts and maybe more and need be mass produced to be profitable (Independent Trucks a major high end brand is made in China, not sure you can make a profit with higher factory costs in Taiwan). Boards can be hand designed and made one by one on the other hand.

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do you have any stores in mind, and make any estimate of cost and selling price?

Did you build one?