Skatepark in Taipei under construction? Completion date?

So I have been to the skatepark in Taipei (Yuanshan (Red line) MRT Station, behind the football stadium) a couple of times now and each time I go it is all locked up. There are two sections of the park. When I visited the park in June both sections were locked up and the “street” section was all torn up :frowning: , but the “half-pipe” section looked ride-able.

I visited the park yesterday and now the ply-wood in the “half-pipe” section is being torn up.

Does anyone know if they are they repairing the skatepark, dismantling it, or planning to build a new one? If they are repairing it or building a new one, does anyone know when it will be completed?

Thanks for any info.

I don’t know about Yuanshuan skatepark, but JIMI’s skateshop is running free workshops under the bridge near the Art Musuem this week and next, Wed-Fri 4pm-6pm. I took my son down there and there were about 60 people learning to skateboard, aged four through to about forty. The guys at JIMI’s have been so nice to my son (the four year old), I want to recommend them as people you could ask about skateboarding in Taiwan.

Their address and tel. number are on this page, scroll down:

We joined them at one of their weekend skateboarding sessions at Chungshan Hall (near Shimending) and there were some good English speakers in their group.

Thanks for the info Asiababy. I checked out JIMI’s skateshop a couple of weeks ago and they were pretty nice.

Are there rails or other obstacles under the bridge or just flat ground?

Could you tell me how to get there?


I have to apologise, I am not a skateboarder so probably not the best to give you details of whether somewhere is good for skating or not.
That area under the bridge is a fairly typical Riverside park area, there is a good step road down to the flat area. The sessions were run in the skating circle that most parks have, it did have a lot of stairs that the guys were jumping off but not what I see at skateparks at home.
To get there, you go up onto the bridge past the Taipei Art Museum on Chungshan North Road, heading north. About “half-way up” (30 second drive) there is a road that turns right, down to Da-Zhi. You follow that then do a quick right turn into the carpark, follow the road down and you will be at the riverside park area.

So I visited the skatepark today and now they have removed all of the ply-wood boards from both sections.

Anyone know what’s going on???