Skin problems

Been here 8 months now.
As it is getting warmer now I discovered I still have tremendous skin problems. Especialle on my chest and my back the skin is very dry, red, itchy. No akne at all, just all over spread with red dots. The same problem on the thies (upper leg, correct spelling?!). Face indeed is fine … Is it the weather, the water quality or maybe the washing powder ?? Any ideas ?? Before I came frequently to Taiwan for business a short time each, but the same problem occured. Back in europe everything dissapeared after a short time. I tend to sweat a lot, but doing that in the europe summer i don’t t have this problem ??
How to solve that ?? Any ideas ?? Help appreciate before I go to see a doctor. Thank you

It’s a rash. My wife gets them all summer long because of the humidity. I get a small patch on my chest. Head south for a few days and it will clear up. I think people try pure aloe but there doesn’t seem to be a cure.

I agree it’s a rash caused by a mixture of your body sweat being trapped by your clothing. Try to use talcum powder on your body, and find materials which breathe more easily. Less polyester, more cotton and linen.

If it’s a heat rash, scrub it with a loofah in the hottest water you can stand. Sounds counterintuitive, but works. According to the person who gave me this advice, it opens up your pores to get the trapped sweat out of them. Stand next to a fan to get really dry then apply baby powder.

Also, make sure your washing machine is rinsing all the detergent out of your clothes.

I also avoid any detergent with babies on the box. they give me really bad rashes. I think it’s because they have extra softeners and whatnot in them.

Just some stuff that helps me.