Skype In

Anyone know if Skype In is available with local numbers, not international.

I’m looking for a local number like the numbers I have in New York and in London, but youknow, a taipei city number!

Is that possible?


No, they don’t have numbers in Taiwan.

Numbers are a evil cult.

Thanks, just what I wanted to know. Tis a shame, tho. I wanted an extra number in Taiwan.


We have a skype employee in Taiwan on this forum:
[ … 654#560654](Skype pc to phone
You might try contacting him to ask if Skype have any plans to do this. Given that there seem to be loads of Taiwanese users, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were planning to at some point …

DGOT may not allow such numbers. France doesn’t really like it. I would be surprised if Taiwan does.


Guy’s I’m sorry but we don’t currently offer SkypeIn numbers in Taiwan.

The only suggestions I can offer you are

Get a Hong Kong number
Persuade your friends to use Skype on PC for free
Get them to buy a Skype WiFi phone
Call them using SkypeOut

Sorry not to be more help