Skype on iPhone

Has anyone used the latest version of Skype on an iPhone with 4.x OS? It works great in theory - you can have it running in the background and receive calls anytime. It worked great - phone rang just like a regular call. However I have been having 2 problems with it:

  1. It sucks up battery life big time - there’ve been a couple of times where my phone was completely dead and needed to be charged just to turn it on. That never happened before.

  2. The way background tasks work on the iPhone is that the OS can kill them anytime it’s required. The only way to keep them running is to constantly open the app and check (which I suppose leads to problem 1 above). It’d be nice if the background dock showed what apps were running in the background, but all it seems to show is what apps have been recently opened, regardless of whether they are running now or not.

There probably isn’t any solution to this - makes sense that battery life would be less, and makes sense that the OS should be able to kill off tasks that are over utilizing resources. Maybe this will be better on the iPhone 4 with its better battery.

the old backgrounder way of doing it showed what was in the background with a little info-icon on the bottom left of the app icon. there may be some equivalent jailbreak thing out there now that backgrounder doesn’t work anymore.

speaking of which, fresh from comex and the dev team:

on the app, you could just keep killing it after you’re done. this happens a lot with some android apps also, and sometimes you just have to go in and kill them yourself.

btw, if no dice this week, my buddy is going to HK in 2 weeks and i may join him.