SLANG - ah it makes me laugh!

An American mate of mine was saying to a student the other day “dope, that’s dope man”!!! I thought f@#$k, what’s going on here? Thus my education that dope was little more than something I’d call "sweet’ or “puss”. I’ve whacked down three of my more common slang terms, and invite foreigners from all nationalities to tell us a few of theirs.

Cutten me lunch - where somebody tries to sleep with your girl on the sly. “Macca the bloody wanker was trying to cut me lunch on the weekend”

Cheap talking - somebodies words have little chance of resulting in actions. ie “oh well now that’s bloody cheap talk”

Slappin skin - getting a root. “did you slap some skin on the weekend”

First, there’s that all-time classic: BITCHIN!
Then there’s gnarly and radical.
What can I say? I’m Old-Skool, G!

Hanging out, drinking beer: Chillin’

My friends/mates: Homies/homeboys

Police: 5-0, The MAN, Johnny Law

Here’s a great guide to British slang:
Roger Mellie’s Profanisaurus

and a few excerpts:
beer goggles n. Imaginary optical aids through which ugly women begin to appear attractive after you have drunk too much beer. As in

Yeah Monkey, laying a cable would be the same goin to see a man about a dog. Must be more though.

Or ‘roughing up the suspect’ or ‘feeding the chooks’.


Spanking the monkey!

Dropping the kids off at the pool

ROFLMAO! I’ve never heard those ones, but I’ll try to remember em.

Mowing someone else’s lawn - hence the lawnmower man. (Moving in on s’one else’s bird)

ex-chinese girlfriend used to call sex

“murdering a pig” or Sha-Zhu

but Roger’s profanisaurus is by the best guide to current UK and American euphemisms.

Thanks monkey , it’s been a fews years since I’ve been to that site

My personal fave, for taking a dump is

“A bombing raid on Armatige Shanks Harbour”

…or “Crikey, I’m touching cloth here, I’m about to lay a stone of dog’s eggs in me keks.”

Anyone had any luck getting in a Taiwanese girls,

“Rusty bullet hole” or “Chocolate Starfish”


But I have seen her “Aker Bilk” but that’s about as far as I got.

Originally posted by sandman: ...or "Crikey, I'm touching cloth here, I'm about to lay a stone of dog's eggs in me keks."
Or "I'm giving birth and the baby's crowning". Or "prairie dogging", as in "Man, pull over already. I've gotta go so bad I'm prairie doggin'!" (One must be familiar with the fast, twitchy movements these sleek brown animals make when they poke their heads out of their holes...) [img]images/smiles/icon_eek.gif[/img] [img]images/smiles/icon_razz.gif[/img]

When I was in high school, guys said “the turtle’s pokin’ it’s head out.” Same general idea, more of a gradual process.

Hello Kitty,

Aker Bilk - The clarinet player, is my mothers brother,

uncle Ack,

100% fact - wierd huh…

Originally posted by subway52: Anyone had any luck getting in a Taiwanese girls,

“Rusty bullet hole” or “Chocolate Starfish”


By Enua

quote[quote]jup[/quote] What does jup mean?

Thinking of my student days and Viz comics in particular, gotta wonder how well an “adult” comic like Viz would go down in Taiwan. Do such things exist here?

Man I was laughing so much I was burstin me kaks.