Sleep Problem

I need a doctor/hospital to test for sleep apnea. Has anyone had this test done here? Thanks!

[Original Subject: Neeeeed sleeeeeepppp…]

Bugger, haven’t slept well in a year. Wake up often in the night and never achieve deep sleep. I’m active by day (swim, gym, teach) and don’t use any medication. Smoke about ten ciggies a day. Don’t drink coffee or coke. Don’t drug.

Anyone know of a good sleep therapist (in Taichung) / sleep therapy / breathing technique / mild medication that’ll sort this out?

Will go on a rampage (albeit a drowsyone) soon if not sorted…

Your insomniacally

While I don’t wake up during the night I also feel always very tired and on weekends I can’t recuperate as I don’t manage to sleep my usual 12-14 hours (no joke btw). Not sure why since normally the world outside can collapse and I wouldn’t notice but now I wake up earlier and can’t continue.
Don’t do sports but don’t do smokes, drugs or alc either.

Any suggestions like natural remedies are welcome - or should I see a doc, too?

Geez, I sleep about 4-6 hours a night. Usually around 4 though.

Anyone with any advice would be GREAT!

On Sunday I get some sleep though, like allllllllll Day

try Sleep Management System


Try investing/looking into a better mattress or bed. A high percentage of troubled sleep is due to a bad sleeping environment that usually starts with one’s own mattress.

I’d recommend against sleeping pills cuz you could end up being a pill popper the rest of your life!

Good Luck!

Don’t know about the therapist, but here are some tactics I use to fight the sleepless demons.

Go to bed at the same time every night.
No coffee/tea after 2pm.
A good book.
No CNN an hour before bed.
Close and curtain/blind all windows.
Herbal Tea.

I’ll second the comment on sleeping pills. They’re easy to get over here, but in the long run, you’ll have two problems instead of one.

Hope this helps…

Does green tea have caffeine in it? If so I should probably avoid it as my beddy-by drink?

Read Popo’s poetry. :snore:

Put a warm and willing xiaojie in the bed beside you, go at it hammer and tongs to make her squeal with pleasure for an hour or so, then kiss her goodnight, turn over, and sleep like a log for as long as you need – though your loud, contented snoring will probably make it harder for her to sleep quite so well.

It only takes me 3 minutes

Green tea is a stimulant. Camomile on theother hand is supposed to be excellent for helping you sleep as is warm milk or a drink containing it. try getting up earlier so that you’re tired enough to sleep well before midnight. I started sleeping well when I started working too hard :laughing:


i never really have trouble sleeping because i try to work my ass off while i’m awake. some suggestions about things that may burn off some excess energy during the day:

  1. exercising more regularly - try running (though not just before bed, because then you’ll be amped up rather than calmed down)

  2. maybe the cigs are messing up your equilibrium.

  3. try reading late at night too…though if you fall asleep, you won’t get as much out of the book :wink:

just my thoughts

I discovered the joys of Melatonin a few years ago and use it a couple of times a month to catch up with a good zonk out night

Try earplugs, which I find very helpful. Always sleep like a baby when I use earplugs. Sometimes we wake up during the night because of noise (cars, motobikes, human voice, neighbors, roommates, etc.) that we even don’t know we hear when we wake up.

Earplugs are great. The most effective kind are wax, but I can’t find them in Taichung. Still pretty good are the yellow foam mushroom-shaped ones with a little black plastic application stick sticking out. You can get them in most pharmacies (drugstores). Even if it takes you a while to get to sleep, they’ll help you to sleep deeper and later and you shouldn’t be disturbed by those awful garbage trucks.

try… warm milk before going to bed
or… do the yoga pose of lying on the bed, kick your legs into the air, and support your bum/lower back with hands…its probably called a shoulder stand…

Repent! Confess your sins and accept Him as your Lord and savior, for you will be born again, and the angels in heaven will REJOICE! And ye shall sleep as peacefully as a lamb.

It would take all night to confess my sins, then it will be time to get up again. And I don’t think some of the lambs in the bible would have slept too peacefully if they knew what was going to happen to them.

Went to see a doc last Friday due to some stress related stomach problems and complained about being tired all the time. Guess what he suggested?

Less stress and more sleep. GREAT.