... sliders / tiny burgers a la White Castle style?

Wanted to host a little Canada Day / Fourth of July party for a few friends this weekend, and I had originally ruled out serving the most North American of all foods: burgers. (I have a really small kitchen, so I wouldn’t be able to serve them up fast enough.)

But then, I thought, what about those little “sliders”?? Small enough to cook fast, don’t take up much room, etc. etc. Where do I get my hands on tiny buns and tiny burger patties for these? Even if I have to buy them (almost) completely made, it would be great to have burgers at my houseparty!

(I’m trying to avoid making my own patties; I have enough on my plate so-to-speak already with the party preps.)


Costco has big patties and buns, but not the little ones. :idunno:

You can get a round cookie cutter (or use a small jar like a baby food jar as one), and the Costco buns and burgers, and cut the little ones out of them. :smiley:

Man youse guys know nothing about White Castle hamburgers. It’s just not the size, but the flava!!! You have to cook them with holes in the patties so that while you are cooking them over sauted onions with salt and pepper, the favas mingle and marinate the meat. Plus the buns are sweet buns,I think kosher. Ahhh, darn it I miss Chicago.

harold and kumar go to white castle. Must watch to get this this thread. The best part is that the movie is set in NJ.

And they’re cooked with steam, not by frying or flame-broiling!

White Castle - something that must be experienced if visiting the American Midwest!

I heard they were steamed, but greasier than shit, and gave everyone indigestion. SO I never tried them. Despite living 300 meters from one.

Nope not true. The best little :moo: you’ll taste :uhhuh:

Damn, now I regret it…

White Castles are cooked on a griddle.
Learn the White Castle SECRET!

White Castle Nutrition info:

The White Castke Menu - they have added some new stuff since I last ate there:

we used to call them sliders, because they slide right through you. taste damn good when you are drunk though.

Try this website:
Only problem is you would have to use Fed Ex to get them here on time.
Under Canapes - the little burgers and mini baguettes are great.