Slightly Easier Newscast

Just an observation (watching a lot of TV these days!), but the newscasts on Public TV (GONG Shi, channel 53 on the Sanchong cable scheme of things, your mileage may vary) seem to be read out at a more realistic pace, probably because they are signed (the introductions to the stories) and subtitled (the main filmed reports) for the Deaf. The announcer tends to group the words in logical ways (like units or chunks) in the introductions to the stories, so it might be a good broadcast to check out if you’re reading newspapers or the like and would like to extend your listening skills based on the same content.

They also have content that is not 100% SARS, which in my opinion isn’t a bad thing (particularly if you enjoy stories on the chimp that just broke the Guiness Record for age).

I’ll second that recommendation. Pronunciation tends to be a bit more standard too.