Slipknot being blamed for Satanic school killing in SA … 855C310944

Community ponders motive behind sword killing

Why would a quiet boy suddenly turn into a sword-wielding killer? This was the topic of debate in the town of Krugersdorp on Wednesday.

All sorts of rumours and theories are circulating, and neighbours met outside their homes wondering went wrong with Morne Harmse.

Satanism was the biggest horror on the lips of those who offered their opinion. “Satanism is big in this area. These kids are getting up to all sorts of evil,” said one.

The Freedom Front Plus’ Jaco Mulder even sent out a Press release asking for the TV show Reaper to be withdrawn from MNet.

The plot line, where the main character has to track down souls for Satan, is in “no way comic”, said Mulder.

“Pop groups like Slipknot and programmes like Reaper, together with any rituals of Satanism contribute towards a climate of instability and immorality,” said Mulder.
He added that he thought Satan was controlling young people’s lives.

Next in the firing line was the metallic pop group Slipknot. “That music is satanic. It’s not good for young people and it makes them do harmful things,” said another.

Pastor Pierre Eksteen said as a cleric who works in the community he has found that a lot of young people turn to drugs and Satanism when they find no one to share their hearts with and these groups make them feel wanted and powerful.

“There is definitely Satanism in the area. In fact, there is Satanism in all schools in the country,” he said.

He said that at a meeting at the school yesterday with counsellors, many children came forward and admitted to listening to “satanic music” and expressed a desire to change.

Ninjas, the influence of the media, availability of weapons and school safety in general has also come into the spotlight.

Parents feared that the suspect would be given bail and allowed back into school. One mother was angry that security had not been beefed up at the school and she said she had heard a video taken on the morning of the slayings was being circulated among pupils.

Slipknot isn’t even popular in the US and is considered a has-been joke band.

Whenever something like this happens, and people ask “why? why?” I always wonder what sort of explanation they would consider satisfactory.

Satan apparently attacked Malaysia a few years ago, through his favorite vehicle of black metal rock music. No killings unfortunately, but a few copies of the Qur’an were desecrated onstage, in imitation of similar practices among anti-Christian bands.

Yup, when kids do crimes, blame the bands.

I remember a lot of this misdirected hysteria in the 80s. I thought we were over that.