Slope Cafe - New cycling oriented cafe on Zhishan road

Just noticed this place on my way back today - Google Maps

It looks pretty nice from the outside and has lots of bike parking.

It’s right on Zhishan near the museum.

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Yeah, I noticed it recently on my ride up Jiannan Rd. It looked packed, and it was a weekday!

Off topic: I don’t come down Zhishan Rd. anymore because of the awful speed bumps. They’re especially prominent on that road for some reason, and every time I go over them, I feel like my bike is going to disintegrate. They should make a little flat opening on the right for bikes to slide through.

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It was crazy busy today!

I also hate the speed bumps :frowning: entire bike rattles like crazy - it can’t be that great for the wheels I imagine. They have a super small flat opening on some of them, but it’s too narrow to easily use it.


That location used to be a restaurant and saw zero customers no matter the time of day. Great spot for a cafe! Hoping it will last long and be a good spot for all cyclists to enjoy a cup before or after their ride.

Worried that the summer months may prove a bit warm to be out in the sun as I noticed they do not have too much indoor seating as outdoor.

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