uhh yah…so tons of 7-11’s …yes lots of cold drinks and ice drinks and boba…but…y’know sometimes you just want a good plain old slushie…where are the slushies at 7-11??? where are the slushies period??? :cry: :!:

What you need is a bingsha. All the little shops that sell zhenzhu naichai sell them and they come in a number of flavours.

The 7-11 on the main shopping drag of downtown Makung in Penghu has real slurpees. Yum Yum.

No way man, bing-shai beats out 7-11 slurpees anyday. I recommend mango slushees (man guo) or passion fruit (bai shang) slushees. Yum Yum!

Back in the mid-80s, we used to have Plum and Fanta Orange Flavor Slushies, $15 NT for a mid-size afternoon dessert… sigh… a great childhood memories… :wink:

or how about coke/pepsi slushies “fortified with Vitamin V”!

V for Vokda.

unfortunately, i haven’t seen any in taipei for two years and miss having the occasional coke slurpee spiked with cheap bourbon. i asked several 7-ELEVEN managers why Taipei, which seems like ideal slushee territory with its hot and humid weather, has no machines, and one of them said that the machines had been moved to southern Taiwan! guess they have a bit more taste down there. there is a 7-ELEVEN near Yehliou that, as of last year at least, has a machine.

This might help a few people. Wrote it earlier today.

mango slush