Small bottles/pots for skincare products when travelling

I’m looking for a place where I can buy small, empty bottles and pots to transport skincare products when flying. This is so I can bring the weight of my suitcase down since liquids, creams and gels (and sometimes the heavy containers they come in) can easily add up.

A kit like this would be perfect:

It has mini bottles and pots like this: … l_1228689/
And this: … 5_1228687/

If anyone knows any place I can get stuff like this in Taipei, I would really appreciate it if you could let me know. :slight_smile:

Muji is your friend. They have all sort of empty bottles from small to big even for spray. You have one on the basement of department store in Taipei City Hall station.

Muji is good. One outlet on second floor of main station. Also in same area on Zhongshan N Rd are a number of outdoor shops. They sell a bag with 5-6 different size small nalgene bottles. Perfect for travelling as they can’t leak (I have used these for years).

As noted above: Muji is the place. The branch mentioned by Muzha Man on the second floor of Taipei Main Station has a distinct selection related to travel (it’s dubbed “Muji To Go” IIRC)–you may find other stuff there that you didn’t otherwise know you needed!


Thank you all for the replies! Looks and sounds like Muji is the perfect place to go. Especially since their stuff doesn’t leak. I had got used to wrapping things in plastic bags and sellotape. Will be great not to have to bother. :smiley:

Actually I was talking about the bottles at the outdoor shops not leaking.

Most ‘10 NT’ stores sell these things now.

Daiso has these. One has recently opened in Shihlin.