Small Group / Individual Mandarin Courses in Taichung.

Due to the globalization of the economy, a global market with over one billion people speaking Mandarin has the world’s attention. Today, there is an ad on a street in Paris saying:
“Learn Mandarin! It holds the key to opportunities and riches in your future career!”
In order to satisfy each foreign student’s different needs, and increase the amount of practice time, our Mandarin Learning Center has designed a course for one to four people. Students will have a course designed specifically for them to match their current abilities, meet their needs, and quickly reach their goals.

1.Only 1 Person Needed
2.Schedule Your Own Flexible Course
3.Create A Course Based On Your Needs

Course Introduction:
Individual courses are designed from the ground up to meet each student’s personal needs. Students can plan their class around their own schedules, and create a flexible course that works for them. Course materials are selected specifically for each student to give them meaningful learning and practice.
This course can start with 1 person, with a minimum of 20 hours total and at least 2 hours per class. After receiving an application form, we create a course based on the requirements, and in 10 days, classes may begin being scheduled.
Don’t put off learning! Mandarin has already become another international language; start learning today to give yourself an edge above the rest.

Application Qualifications:
1.Foreigners with beginner to advanced Mandarin skills.
2.Foreigners who do not need a visa, with a travel visa, work visa, dependent visa, or ARC.

NT.700/h /1 Person
NT.375/h /2 Person
NT.350/h /3 Person
NT.300/h /4 Person

Application & Course Requirements:
1.This center does not issue letters of acceptance.
2.Each course hour is 50 minutes; at least 2 hours of class per week.
3.Course times may not be changed after class has begun. Absences for any reason must be notified in advance, or no refund will be granted.
4.In the event that the government cancels class due to weather or a natuarl disaster, classes will be made up at a later date; no refunds will be
5.No free classes will be given, nor will interviews with teachers. If a class is unsuitable, please inform the office after the first class and other arrangements will be made.
6.Those applying for a small group class must all be well acquainted with each other, and have similar language abilities. No assistance will be given to find classmates.

Requesting Absence:
1.Please inform the office of a leave of absence before 5:00PM on the day before class. Those requesting leave on the day of class will not be granted a make up class. Missed classes cannot be taken by others.
2.Students in small group classes will not be granted absences or make up classes.
3.Students who are granted a leave of absence will not be granted a refund for that class, but can arrange a make up class with the teacher and inform the office.
4.Exceeding the total amount of absences forfeits the security deposit.

Chinese Culture University Taichung Education Center
Address:3F,No658, Sec3, Taiwan Avenue, Xitun Dist, Taichung City 40757

I am surprised that this course appears to be sponsored by a university, yet is not arranging visa sponsorship or even letters of acceptance (required to get visas for people from some countries)…while charging top prices. Does CCU in Taipei not provide visas? Is this a “real” CCU program or some sort of extension class or affiliate?

Maybe you can add some information as to why this course is a good choice for someone? Right now, it sounds like the only people who might be interested are “long-term” foreigners living in the Taichung area who for some reason don’t want to go to an existing language center. Is your methodology unique (really unique)? Do your teachers have some sort of special skill? Are you using better materials, providing extras (mp3 recordings of customized class content, customized reading passages, whatever)? Convince me! Convince your prospective students! This is your space to do it.

700NT per hour for 1 on 1?

National Taichung University’s program works out to about 450NT / hour for 1 on 1.