Smart Trainer recommendation

Is it better to buy a known brand like Wahoo or a Taiwanese brand like Xpedo?
Mostly concern about warranty issues with Wahoo. What happens if it breaks, do I need to sent it back to the states?


To be honest, their specs are all relatively the same and a 20k unit is just as quiet as a 50k unit. I would go with whatever your budget allows you to buy, just make sure that it has a warranty policy. That way, if there’s an issue, send it back to the shop you bought it from and they’ll take care of it.

I would buy a unit that has a cassette included and if you have space issues, one that is not too heavy and can be easily stowed.

Thanks for the tips. BTW which trainer do you have?

I have one of the early gen Wahoo Kickr that I bought second hand from a friend. A bit on the louder side, but it works fine.

I have used JetBlack, Tacx, Elite and Xpedo before and imho. Xpedo and JetBlack in the 20k work just as well as the Tacx that was around 49k.

Thanks for the useful info. Do you recommend any stores in Taipei who carries the Xpedo? Maybe might shop online due to the current circumstances.

You can try Springfield bikes for Xpedo.

According to their FB, if they have stock and have an extra hand, they could deliver at no extra cost.