Smilies kill me, literally

Nine times out of 10, when I finish a post and click a smiley the page drops into the infamous white Can’t find whatever. I go back and my post is gone. Notice that I don’t have many smilies anymore?
And my fonts are still about 8pt I’d guess. Is that right?

That’s bizarre. And definitely a tech issue. What OS are you running? Gus, anyone, why is this happening to Wolf? :s

Is it smilies in the quick reply box?



[color=yellow]on[/color] [color=green]the[/color] [color=blue]other[/color] [color=red]hand[/color] [color=yellow]have[/color] [color=green]no[/color][color=blue] problem[/color] [color=red]with[/color] [color=yellow]making[/color] [color=green]posts[/color][color=blue] look[/color] [color=red]just [/color][color=yellow]as[/color] [color=green]special[/color] [color=blue]as [/color]I want

Perhaps you are using too many :upyours: :wanker: :fume: and :smiling_imp: smilies and should mellow out and use more :lovestruck: :rainbow: :smiley: :notworthy: smilies or find someone to :hubba: and it’ll all be :thumbsup:

Cheers :beer: