Smokin in the Back of the Plane

Just doesn’t happen any more does it ? I’ve just recounted a 14 hour trip back from Hong Kong to the wife and I don’t think she believed me. I used to spend most of my time on planes down the back smoking. Does anyone remember ? Sandman, you must remember that Quantas flight in '92 ? (And you said it couldn’t be done!?)

I bloody well hope not. I feel bad enough on planes without some tosspot making me feel like I want to throw up. The air is recycled, and yes, we can smell it from far away. It’s hard enough to find somewhere in Taiwan with air you can’t TASTE as it is. Another reason why working here is crap.

I think some airlines allow it still. Like in China.
It is yucky, even for smokers. And those awful smoking rooms they have in CKS airport are revolting.

In 1998, I flew Madrid-Havana-Madrid on Iberian. MOST of the seating was smoking. It was a raucous flight going there. If it wasn’t for the holiday atmosphere and endless Scotches, and of course the smoking, I doubt I would have made it, given that the turbulence was the worst I have ever experienced.

Coming back was smooth and I spent the night takling to an Italian economist. We drank Scotch and puffed on Marlboro Lights until just over Portugal.

Bring back smoking!

Ah yes, smoking on the long haul. Came as a very pleasant surprise when I grabbed the cheapest ticket I could back to Oz in 1998. The Vietnam Airlines ticket was a mere NT$14,000 year open return with a 12 hour stop in Saigon on the way to Australia and a 24 hour stop on the way back. Heaven.

I glanced at the boarding pass for the overnight flight from Saigon to Sydney to see “smoking flight” and almost wet myself with joy. I was an instant convert and flew that route several more times but the last time I did (2001?) they’d banned smoking.

I flew the leg from Sydney to Saigon in 1999 on a half - empty plane and was staggered to see the air hostesses wandering down the aisles with bottles of Moet . . in economy!

The best part, aside from being able to light up of course, was the traffic of Vietnamese Australians popping down for a smoke. Some basic Vietnamese lessons amid the puffs made for a very pleasant lay over on the way back to Taiwan.

I seem to recall Malaysian Airlines had smoking flights in 1992.


I thought this was still allowed on some Air France flights… well the long haul ones anyway

Hex: Quantas 1992? You’ve lost me there mate! Don’t think I’ve ever flown on Quantas.
But last time I was on Air France (never again – almost as bad as British Airways :shock: ) you could smoke up the back. That was 1999 I think. Its funny, though – I remember when they banned smoking on the long hauls and being dead worried about 14 hours without a fag, but its never really bothered me. In fact, I’m thinking about giving up (again) this year, starting from my flight to Scotland.

Gives new meaning to “Can I bum a smoke?”