Snake survey

I am looking for help with a snake survey. Together with a South African snake fanatic friend, I’m working on a book about snakes in Taiwan. You may have seen my last book, Formosan Odyssey, which was published (okay, okay, it was “self-published” to be exact) earlier this year.
Anyway, we are trying to establish the level of public knowledge about snakes. I have a question sheet which asks respondents to identify various snakes and answer some short questions. It should take eight minutes. Are you teaching adults in a school? Could you do a survey at the end of class? Are you married to a Taiwanese fireman who could hand the questionaires out at the fire station? Is your girlfriend a nurse? Do you know someone at a hiking club? Get the idea - I’m looking for a wide range of people.

If you are interested and think you could help out please e-mail me.

Forgot to state the bleeding obvious. The survey sheet is in Chinese. There is an accompanying instruction sheet for the person who is handing out the forms which is in both Chinese and English. No knowledge of Chinese is required to handle it.

Still working on the translation at the moment. Will test run the survey then send out in 2-3 weeks. Thanks.