Snapshot . . . twenty years out

I suddenly had the maddest thought tonight, Forumosans twenty years from now.

It all started with visions of Hexuan as the food and beverage critic for the Greater Taipei/HK/Shanghai Times.

Then there’s Alley and the Italian Job crew in league with Taipei Bob and Tavern Captain, the kings of Taiwan’s “Lan Kwei Feng.” Cigars, laughs and good plonk wherever they go. Sandman organises the gigs, we bitch about his choices, but love him dearly.

Tigermnan, incredibly unchanged, but with a grandson wearing some smelly old Dead shirt. Meanwhile Zac’s patiently plotting if dad’s got it together enough to drive while busy stiffing a few of dad’s mates on dates of famous events. He’s a handsome lad and a very proud father, just like we knew he would be.

Cola rocks up, he’s bureau chief of the South China Gazette, the most respectable paper with the widest readership in the land. Amazingly his sole job is to seek content . . but he’s a whiz! We are honoured that he glanced a smile.

I hear JD Smith has hooked up with the Chief in some fancy yoga resort down the Easy Coast, but since that desalination plant in Hualien opened, it rivals Taichung in terms of ribald fun. It’s Nha Trang revisited. Which is a good thing, because that’s where Comrade Stalin’s suddenly shelved the southern gentleman for his Californian phase. The tan looks good but no one’s convinced by his assertions this time round he’ll be nice. Hell, we never stopped loving the bastard . . . but please don’t tell him!

Tainan Cowboy is still denying there is a Tainan, and we’re no longer playing the game, but rather absolutely supporting him. The thought of a newbie rollimg into TC’s town is more than any of us can bear. There are four outrageously expensive holds on foreigners taking taxis in his town . . all end up somehwere discrete and friendly.

Richardm remains aloof, which is weird because three generations agree that if they were caught in a jam, they’d seek him out immediately. He has the phone numbers of all our kids to prove it.

ImaniOU heads the reconciliation council, she’s wise and fair, incredibly. she also has amazing sway over visa requests. We hound her constantly because hell, we still have to.

Guangtou has some weird government gig and Gcat’s involved but still trying to convince us it’s innocent.

Sorry, I’m out of input time, not of ideas, although you might not have been mentioned, doesn’t mean you weren’t thought about.

Wot u think?


HG, Minister Of Propandaganda…

Dude, can you possibly rephrase that? :s


I hear JD Smith has hooked up with the Chief

Dude, can you possibly rephrase that?

Sorry, no . . . . :laughing:

GingerMan, you are one of two people in my mind, yet I know that you are not . . … pyriamid builders you are, still weird but pleasant, I hasten to add.

HG :laughing:

I meant this in all earnest. Wot’s wrong wi’ coppin’ a few gandas at the pandas?

Yes, Minister… :slight_smile:

Well done! :bravo:
If things move according to schedule (pronounced shed-yool, of course) 20 yrs out should find that I have converted this mythical kingdon into my own private territory. Treaty agreements with the current island government allow me to oversee an economic free-trade zone and recreation/resort area which has created wealth, security and happines for those lucky enough to be allow to reside here.
I, of course, am the Benevolent Dictator. Elected repeatedly in completely transparent elections by a happy, joyful and productive populace.
The official language is English, Spanish, Taiwanese, Mandarin followed by gibberish -which is used for tourists and politicians from outside the TZ (Tainan Zone). Our borders are guarded with toll gates and inspections; to controll access. Exit is always allowed and at no charge.
That, briefly, is my vision of 20 yrs out.

:notworthy: :notworthy:

A fine opening by HG and some fine responses. Gcat and I are planning a move to TC’s magical kingdom, if my new job with the NSC will allow it…

[quote=“guangtou”]:notworthy: :notworthy:
A fine opening by HG and some fine responses. Gcat and I are planning a move to TC’s magical kingdom, if my new job with the NSC will allow it…[/quote]guangtou -
Bring only casual clothing and a smile :sunglasses:

As I am presently working on another cunning plan to escape from my NeiHu slum, I am glad I am not in the list.

Or… will I be working on yet another cunning plan to escape in 20 years?..[insert luncatic emoticon here]

Tee hee!

In twenty years, bob_honest is huddled in his windowless flat in Xinzhuang cursing himself for lacking the nerve to leap back into the property market after the great collapse following the 2009 PRC missile strike, which incidentally took out Neihu and Tian Mu and levelled Yangmingshan. His loving and long suffering wife calls their “home” Colditz.

On rainy afternons he can be seen strolling the stairwell while sneakily emptying concrete rubble from his trousers.