Snoopy Run Kaohsiung (June 1)


Snoopy Run 2019 is back!
With the brand new theme “Many faces of Snoopy”, the world’s most popular beagle invites the gang in getting new fashionable look.

Taiwan’s favorite fun run—the Snoopy Run—is back! In response of the event’s spectacular popularity as seen in 2018, Snoopy Run is coming to the Port City—Kaohsiung, with many fascinating products! Each product features one or more Snoopy’s most popular alter egos, not only will fans be able to refresh their memories about their favorite beagle, but the product(s) are also designed so that they can match with both fashionable and cozy look. For those who identify as hardcore Snoopy fans, this is a not-to-miss opportunity to grab’em all! The Run will also feature plenty of newly-designed photo-opportunities, as well as the famous 6-meter-tall Snoopy doghouse inflatable. Don’t forget to attend the event and snap your best moment at the adorable scene!

Snoopy Run welcomes fans of all ages to celebrate the festive as this charity event spreads Love and Laughter all-around.

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Ugh…not even my deep love of Snoopy will bring me out to a running event. Worst exercise ever…

How bout cycling?

Is Laimo going to be there too?