Snow Mountain/ Xue Shan itinerary

I’m planning on climbing Snow Mountain next month, but before I apply for the permit I wanted advice on which itinerary to go with. We don’t have our own transport so we may have to walk the road from the visitor’s center to the trailhead, unless we’re lucky enough to hitch a ride.
Here’s the two itineraries we’re considering:

Day 1: Taipei to Wuling via Yilan
Day 2: Visitor’s Center to 369 cabin
Day 3: 369 cabin to peak and back
Day 4: 369 cabin to Wuling

Day 1: Taipei to Wuling, then to Qika cabin
Day 2: Qika cabin to 369 cabin, possibly to peak
Day 3: 369 cabin to peak if we haven’t the previous day, then back down to Wuling

The former sounds better to me (I noticed that Mucha Man recommended it in his blog), but would the walk from the visitor’s center to 369 be too much if we don’t get a ride? None of us have climbed a mountain, though we are all fairly fit.

I think there is a bus from Taipei that leaves at 7am, arrives at Wuling Farm at 1.30 in the afternoon. Then you could get up to Qika cabin the same day. Next day up to the peak and back down to sanliujiu cabin. Then day 3 off the mountain and home.

I post the link for the bus later when i find it.

You may want to read this.

I did Taipei to 369 cabin day one, then up early after almost no sleep (take EARPLUGS and a sleeping mat) and summit just after dawn and then back down to the car. Someone else drove… Leave your gear in the 369 hut (or stash it just off the trail somewhere) and just head for the summit in your walking clothes with a water bottle. You will need a good headlamp to avoid getting lost in the black pine forest if you do that section (just above 369 cabin) in the dark.

Both itineraries look ok to me. If you go by bus you could be on the trail by 3pm which would mean getting to Qika by about 4. From Qika to the peak and then back to 369 is quite a long day, might take 10 hours or more depending on how quick you are. If you’re not sure about it, it’s always best to plan easier days than to end up trying to do too much.

There is supposed to be a bus that goes from Taipei but I can’t seem to find it anymore. There’s definitely one that goes from Luodong or Yilan. Once you get to Wuling, there’s a shuttle bus that can take you up to the start of the trail. Have you thought about hiring a car? Might make it a lot easier if you can.

Kuokwang Bus from Yilan ( at Kuokwang Bus Yilan Station 150 M left from Yilan railway station)

Yilan - Wuling 07:00~12: 40 Fare: 276NT
Wuling - Yilan 09:20~14.10 Fare:276NT
Lotung - Wuling 07:00~12:20
Wuling - Lotung 13.40

Ticket rate: NT$276 ( Yilan to Wuling) a journey of 2hrs 45mins.

Have a look here for some more info; … %E5%B1%B1/

Thanks for the advice, especially that schedule. I called the Taipei tourism office about that Taipei-Wuling bus; they searched around and couldn’t find anything. I think I’ll just go with the latter schedule, but stay overnight in Yilan or Luodong. One of the guys going with me might be up for driving, but I’m afraid that would be a bit pricey over three days.
So no bedding of any sort at 369 huh? Was hoping I could leave my mat at home.

搭台灣觀光巴士 (每天發車)
車 資:平日1200元(單趟) 假日1400元(單趟)
出發地:07:20 台北火車站— 東三門集合報到,出發早上7:30
目的地:11:30 武陵農場國民賓館迎賓橋下車,或武陵富野渡假村.
車 資:平日1200元(單趟) 假日1400元(單趟)

I found this information from the Wuling Hostel website. It is about a year old, but you could try calling the number

Or you could try this website

There are long continuous bunks with a thin layer of foam sheeting (like a cheap foam mat bedroll). I was pretty uncomfortable, but i have slept well enough in much harder beds. The main problem was the continuous snoring at high volume, all over the place. Some people snore more at altitude, I realise, but these guys must have snored badly enough at sea level.

Doing Taipei to the 369 hut in one day, and then coming back down in one day and driving home is fairly nuts unless you have a driver and can sleep in the car on the way there and the way back. I would not want to drive home after a long descent like that.

Thanks for that info! I’ll give em a call this evening or tomorrow.
Given that we’re probably going to walk the road from the trailhead to the visitor’s center on our way down, would it make sense to do an extra night after the peak at Qika, to better enjoy our time on the mountain and not rush? Or would that be far more time than necessary?
That itinerary would be:
Day 1: to Qika
2: to 369
3: to peak, then down to Qika
4: to Wuling and then Taipei
Presumably we’d also save money by staying in Qika and not Wuling that evening (the cabins on the mountain are free, right?)

I think I’ll be fine without my mat, by the sound of it. At least it looks like Qika doesn’t get many people, so hopefully it’ll just be one night of no sleep.

I always rent this at place They have a Vios for 1600 a day or a pretty small March for 1300, not as cheap as the bus tho.

Agreed that driving there and then hiking up to 369 would be tough. Would be a long, long day and you wouldn’t have any chance to adjust to the altitude. Sleeping at Wuling or Qika the first night makes a big difference as far as reducing the effect of altitude at that kind of height.