I hot or not?

Am I hot or not?

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If the mods can figure out a way to make this poll include other 'umosans that want to put a picture here…go ahead…in the meantime…rate me…

Who is that?

That’s the rube in the cheap rubber pants you met outside Tigerman’s place.

TS, is that really you? I thought you wrote earlier that you were bald?

The guy in the picture is ruggedly handsome, a la James Bond. Not that my opinion matters much. I’m neither gay nor female.


I was.

How nice of you to say. I accept your compliment and repay you with some guanxi.

Ahhhh…vote anyway…We won’t think any more or less of you. The poll is not about whether or not I stir your loins…

I guess I’ll put my picture up too.

Toe Save, is that a shadow in the first pic or a single eyebrow? :shock:

Toe: ever thought of being a model for hair dye products ?

Toesave. I’ve voted you as hot cos I like you, man . . . but of course any dude that puts up a photo of himself that is less flattering than he appears in real life . . . and asks to be voted on . . well. . . I just don’t get it.

Oh, by hot I meant in the Indonesian sense of panas panas tai ayam . . . (hot hot chicken shit, ie, doesn’t remain hot for long . . snicker.)

RichardM. . . nice rug. I see what you were talking about in the hair loss thread. Umm, PM me if you know where I could get one. Not that I need it of course. A friend of mine is awfully sensitive.


Mono-brow Wolfie…sexy, huh?

Check out Rickym’s hair club para los hombres.

I think I like you bald better.

No offence, Toe Save, but the tux picture is cheesy while the shaved picture is damn F-O-I-N-E. The tux might earn you a 4, but the other pic is an 8…in addition, more aesthetically appealing. I like those shadows.

None taken ImaniOU…none at all. In it’s defense, the tux is supposed to be cheesy…so…as a piece of cheese…how do you rate it?

I actually like the other one better too…that’s the one Popo took…told ya he was brilliant…the idiot savante of photography…

I gotta say…this board is alot tougher than the hotornot board…over there I am hotter than 98% of all the other guys…hehehehe…and that’s the tux pic…hehehehe…it’s pulling down 9.9’s…I think the judge from the Republic of Imanistan is holding me back…

Toe Save,
Get a grip on yourself!! Wait on, that might be the problem. :shock: Okay, stop gripping yourself. :wink: