So let's talk about the Proud Boys then

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The Dems seem somehow convinced that the racism on the right is a bigger problem then their own racism. I think they’re wrong. Catastrophically wrong.

I reckon they calculate that if they can hang the proud boys around the neck of Trump then nobody will notice what’s brewing under their own tent.

Dems seem convinced that by 2036 US demographics will make their identity politics pay big and lasting dividends. To that end they’ve been campaigning for their vision of 2036 since at least 2012, rather than work with the US population as it is.

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I wonder what the right would think if Biden said “Antifa… stand by” during the debate? :thinking: Calling a white supremacy movement to arms is dangerous rhetoric at best.


Just as dangerous as vocally and financially supporting angry destructive mobs and bailing them out of jail. We don’t need to stroke the egos of any wannabe paramilitary groups. People are going to get hurt. As much as I respect the idea of say what you will, rioting, looting and burning shit down, shouting people off their café tables bc they “too comfortable” search Saratoga NY BLM…is too much.

Them folks and the PBs who beat the shit out of Antifa protestors sans Riots are just as despicable.


From their site describing their ideas

As far as I can tell, they don’t seem anything like a white supremacy group. They have members of all races and accept anyone.

Their founder is a Holocaust denier and they march with neo-Nazi groups.
It’s oversimplified to call them white supremacists because they have POC members.

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Some of my fraternity’s founders, Kappa Alpha Order, were in the klan. But we definitely are not a white supremacy group and the order had nothing to do with white supremacy. It’s a mens fraternal organization, anyone can join.

The current Proud Boys doesn’t seem to have anything to do with white supremacy. If anything, it looks like they’re against it.

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Where…where do you get your news. The Proud Boys are most certainly a white supremacist organization. But I think you know that, too.


No I don’t.

I looked on their website. They have chapters in China,Japan, and Israel. I don’t know what kind of white supremacy group operates in Israel with Jews.

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Not from the Guardian, that’s for sure.

I wouldn’t know these yokels from badgers, but it seems the truth is that while some of 'em do espouse white supremacist views that is not a tenet of the organization at large. Assuming “organization” is an accurate adjective.

Afraid that when it comes to reporting about the USA I’ll take the WSJ over the Goowardian any day.

Who are the Proud Boys?
The Proud Boys describe themselves as a men’s organization for “western chauvinists.” Proud Boys affiliates have made misogynistic comments, including support for rape, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

The group has also espoused anti-Muslim, anti-transgender and anti-immigration views while some members hold white supremacist and anti-Semitic views, the ADL said.

Since the group’s founding in 2016, several members have been convicted of violent crimes, the ADL said. In recent months, Proud Boys have fought with people protesting police treatment of Black people in Portland, Ore., and other cities. “Armed with bear mace, clubs, paintball guns and in the case of one Proud Boys member, an actual gun, the Proud Boys engaged in multiple acts of violence against counterprotesters and members of the media,” the ADL said, describing a brawl in Portland.

The primary organizer of the 2017 white-supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., that left a woman dead and dozens injured, Jason Kessler, is a former Proud Boy, according to the ADL.

No. All I know is that it’s politically expedient for the left and leftist media to label them a white supremacist group.

Maybe some day, after the MSM comes back to us, it will be possible to trust their “reporting.” We’re not close yet.

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Idk what kind of white supremacy group has and accepts blacks, Latinos, Asians, and Jews into their group.

Should I call and see if they’ll accept me to settle this nonsense?


I’m going to send a email to the chapter here in England. Let’s see what they say about me joining.

The Guardian is reporting facts. It’s not like he posted their editorial page. It’s referencing the fact the FBI has classified them as having ties to the white supremacy movement. The whole Internal Affairs memo is at the link. I bet you won’t read it though.


Sure they are. All the facts that help the American left.

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Uh huh… I’m just going to leave this here.



Did you even read the rest of the post or click the link?

No. Why would I?