So Taipei is just rainy then?

I hear that in the winter, Taipei is cold and wet.

In the spring and summer, and part of the fall everywhere is wet.

So is Taipei just always wet?

Now it’s the “it rains every now and then” season. When real Summer kicks in, it’s:“Oh God why is this place so fucking hot and humid, kill me now”, with intermittent typhoons here and there.


If you like rainy weather Taipei is the first choice!

Historically, summer weather presents (very) hot and humid mornings with sudden massive monsoon thunderstorms in the afternoon lasting anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours.

Short answer: Damn fuckin Skippy it is

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Having come to Taiwan from Seattle, all I can say is Taipei reminds me why I left my home city.

I bet you miss the junkies, though

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Keelung is always rainy. Taipei is regularly rainy.

The other options for most foreigners are fry in Kaohsiung or die of boredom in Taichung.

Urban myth/Old Tommy’s Tale
Annual rainfalls for Keelung and Taipei are the same

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My brother-in-law lives just inside Keelung, and yeah, it’s always slightly more miserable there (mostly because of transportation issues). That road to Pingxi is beautiful when the sun comes out… whenever it manages to come out.

I’d take the boredom of Taichung and the heat of Kaohsiung over Taipei any day. I need sunlight.

No way! I have lived for extended periods of time in both places and it definitely rains more frequently in Keelung. Maybe it’s just less rain spread out over a longer period of time?

Kaoshiung rains much more in summer (seems starting this week), though as you say Taipei has more in winter. KHH is dry