"So what? You're going to fine me for something like this?"

Tommy posted this in another thread. I’m just wondering what the penalty is for something like this. Not that I am thinking of doing it.

Thirteen-year overstay ends
A Hong Kong resident who overstayed his visa for more than 13 years was caught on Wednesday because he used a counterfeit Hong Kong ID, National Immigration Agency officials said on Thursday. The 42-year-old man, surnamed Chiu, was caught using the fake ID at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport on Wednesday as he prepared to board a Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong, agency officials said. Chiu claimed that he had lost his real ID in 2004 and that managed to obtain a new one from Hong Kong authorities. However, aviation police discovered that not only was Chiu’s new ID a counterfeit, they also found that he had arrived in Kaohsiung by ship on April 28, 1993, with a visa that expired Aug. 31 of that year.

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They’ll just fine him 10,000NT and not let him back in for a really long time. He might have to pay back taxes too. The penalty for overstaying in Taiwan really isn’t that harsh unless maybe you’re from Indonesia or the Philippines.

Actually, I guess he was committing fraud which makes this a criminal matter. It will most likely be more severe than what I wrote before. Sorry, I should have read it more carefully. Everything is blurry today.

That’s a good point about the fraud.

And don’t worry…I typed it with my eyes blurry. Feel free to read it the same way.