So whats the western way then?!

hmm. chinese people seem to like to take courtship slow slow. weeks until 1st kiss, life time until sex and marriage straight after. (you get what im saying. but what is the western courtship style? ive got a abc gf and i dont know what to assume is normal and not wanting to ask and sound like an idiot.

Women are women…Black, White, Asian or Indian…some cave faster than others. Do what you think is right.

The cultural nitty grittys of this topic can be skewed and often become discussions of racism.

I’d have to agree with Monster. I’ve been with Chinese girls in the past (long before my marriage) that were fast, others slow. You have to judge the girl and situation for yourself.

If your gf was born, raised and educated in your country, her cultural background will be more or less similar to yours. If she’s taking it slow, it’s just what feels right for her. I don’t think culture is an influence in this case.

Culture and religion plays a significant role… but no girl is the same where ever she comes from. Use your best judgement… if you can’t decide for yourself, you can either see her reaction by plunging in and testing, or you can just have a heart to heart talk with her… so just go with when you think is best and work from there.

Use your fingers as “'testing beacons” and see how far she lets you go. A heart to heart talk is too fabricated…you need a finger-to–&^&(* talk.

Oh the high school days… That’s what that reminds me of, good stuff.

Why don’t you just ask her what’s right for her?

Ok… So you go on a first date with a girl you met recently. Nothing serious, just a lunch and coffee date before work kind of thing. This is basically the first time you’ve seen this particular TW xiao jie. As you say good bye (after having made an appointment for a second date) she leans in and gives you a hug…

Does this mean:
1: You seem like a nice guy. I’d like to get to know you better. i.e. Romantically.
2: You seem like a nice guy. i.e. The brother I never had.
3: Ah! You’re a sweet guy. We’re gonna be such good friends.

Side note. TW xiao jie in question speaks great English, did her under grad in Taiwan, post Grad in England and… The hug on the first date was in the middle of the street for all to see…

What gives? Am I thinking too much? Or simply don’t understand Taiwanese culture?

The Taiwanese aren’t really “huggers,” are they…so, my guess would be that she is trying to show you that she is “westernized” because she spent some time in England.

I don’t think you should read into it too much…she probably saw what the Brits do and is imitating behavior because you are western.

Maybe she likes you, but I don’t think the hug was an indicator of that.