So who *were* Gubo and Palanka?

Was Gubo = “Goober”? That’s what we called him. And was he slipping Palanka the 熱 牛肉 注射 ? Or did that honor go to Ding Yun?

Gubo (Cooper?) was having relations with Ding Yun, because they had a kid together, apparently.

I much preferred the original orange textbooks that featured a US congressman visiting the Chinese countryside and lauding the “Four Modernizations”. Anybody else start with those?

My PCRs were green and in short-form. Were the long-form ones orange?

No idea who Gubo and Palanka were. It’s a 30-year-old mystery. But I’m sure some student of Chinese somewhere has named his/her kids after them…

I remember hearing that they were Hungarian names.

Gubo used to post on Forumosa. He was funny.

Lol…my Chinese textbook in the states used those names too. We always joked that some idiot foreigner had told the publishers that those were normal English names because he was drunk/bored/stoned.