Soccer / football / footy


Is there any football (soccer) games in Taipei or Taipei County (Tamshui area), that anyone knows about? I’d really like (sorry… I really need) to play.

The Taipei Animals training field is located near Shihpai MRT, at Shihpai Middle School. More information on their web site:

Hi there.
As one kind person has already mentioned, the Taipei Animals train at Shihpai every Wednesday evening. We’d be very happy for you to come along and have a look.
If you can’t make Wednesday evenings, we play every Sunday in the local Businessman’s League.
Write to us at taipeianimals(at) for more information.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Matthewjohn - there are a bunch of foreigner teams in Taipei and surrounding area, Red Lions, Dragons or Animals to name but three. Tainan Phoenix play in the south of the island, there are three or four teams in Taichung and Kaohsiung too. Go to for more info and links to other teams. Good luck maybe see you on the pitch sometime.


if you’re looking for football, then the Red Lions would be your best bet. We train on Thursdays at a junior high school on Nanking E Rd in Taipei, 8.30. You’re welocome to come down and join us for a practice session. We play in a league here and are currently in third place.
For more information visit the website