Soccer shoes w/out cleats for boy in Taipei

I need some “soccer shoes without cleats” for my ten-year-old boy, and shinguards. Anyone know a good place to buy them from anywhere near Zhongshan/Minquan intersection?

Down by Zhongxiao/Fuxing would be fine too, but I need them by tomorrow afternoon…

Thanks for any leads!!

PS Is there any good reason why he can’t just use his everyday sneakers if he doesn’t need cleats??

You may want to double-check the requirements as soccer shoes, by their nature, have cleats (but no “Toe cleat” like you find on baseball cleats). If he really needs them without cleats, you are probably looking for “Indoor Soccer” shoes. Many of the shops (Nike, Adidas, etc.) in your area should have them. If not, go down to ShinKong Mitskoshi on Nanjing (near Chungshan). The Adidas shop in there should have them. They will look like “Low-top” basketball shoes.

The regular “street” shoes are generally not allowed by leagues because of a lack of grip on the ground. He could get hurt.

Thanks for the ideas, and for clearing that up for me.